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A new stained glass display — 3 Comments

  1. I like your concept. Do you build them for sale. I would be interested.



  2. Ron – I’m afraid we don’t build them for sale. One of the reasons is that they’re very easy for anyone to build. I just buy a bundle of strapping (1″x2″ pine boards most often used by roofers to hold down temporary roof tarps after stripping off old shingles).

    I cut 4 verticals at at 7 feet (or whatever length you might require) 2 for each panel and 6-2′ cross pieces, 3 for each panel screwed top middle and bottom with 1.5″ dry wall screws. Once the panels are done I hinge them together using 3 small hinges so they can be folded into a triangle.

    Then I cut a triangular shaped piece out of any scrap plywood I have lying around and bolt it to the top of the panels using L-brackets, again using dry wall screws. This holds the panels in place in a V shape.

    At that point I simply screw 4 large “cup hooks” to the underside of the triangular piece of plywood in sets of two, each pair (about 3″ apart from each other) about a foot apart apart and hang two standard, dual bulb, shop lights from them. In order to hang them properly I drill holes in each metal “wing” at one end of each shop light so I can hang each shop light by two small chains available at any hardware store. This allows me to point each one towards their respective panel.

    My wife and I cover these panels with a white, heavy duty, fibrous type paper that we found at a garage sale long ago but an old (clean) white sheet cut to size and long and wide enough to wrap around the strap wood verticals and top and bottom cross pieces of each panel and in back out of sight will suffice. It’s also important to wrap your panels before hinging together.

    The cross pieces allow you to hang your stained glass items from hooks and you can add as many cross pieces as you need during construction. You’re hardly limited to just 3 of course. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions you can get in touch with me via at the email address listed on the Contact Page.