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For those bloggers who happen to be using Performancing’s Metrics service or are listed in Performancing’s Exchange, you most likely have heard that these two services and the Performancing name have been purchased by PayPerPost and that the rest of Performancing’s offerings such as their blog editor extension for Firefox and their soon to be online Partners ad network will be kept together along with the original Performancing team and members and be re-branded. Read the announcement here.

Nick Wilson of Performancing had announced earlier that Metrics had just plain gotten to the point where it was getting too big for them too handle all on their own and now were looking at possible options including a sale to a company with like interests and the backing to put into it as Nick describes in his November post excerpt:

There is no other blog analytics program out there that can scale as Metrics was built to. I remember MeasureMap showing signs of buckling under just a few hundred users but it takes a lot of bandwidth, and 3 very high grade servers to run the current system.

At this stage, and in the current climate of “free” everything, I’m neither prepared to put ads on it nor charge for it — What’d I’d like to do, is to give Metrics to the community by making it Open Source, or sell Metrics to a company with more financial resources that could continue to develop it, and benefit from the usebase.

There, of course, have been many mixed reactions to the announcement of the sale and I’ve probably read about 30 comments so far and majority of them were negative. Not surprising considering the fact that PayPerPost (PPP) had such negative vibes right from the get-go which, as I have gathered, were blown a bit out of proportion. If you want to read about it just type “payperpost and ftc” into Google and come to your own conclusions.

Now I can somewhat understand the Performancing members that suddenly decided to pull Metrics from their blogs because of the new association with PPP…after all, it’s their choice but what really surprised me was some others who decided not to have any more dealings with Performancing (or whatever their new name will be) at all. Including dumping the blog editor and removing themselves from the Partners ad network which have absolutely nothing to do with the sale whatsoever. This was nothing but a knee jerk reaction by those I expected better from for one simple reason:

Nick Wilson and Chris Garrett, since the beginning have never steered anyone wrong…ever. As opinionated as they can get at times they were always honest and upstanding individuals and had no compunction about telling anyone or any company where they could get off if they smelled a rat. These boys are not very likely to “sell out” part of their excellent offerings to an unethical enterprise never mind alienating a large portion of their membership.

With 28,000 bloggers hooked to Performancing in one form or another (including yours truly), a few tens of comments doesn’t worry me all that much and I do believe that the majority of Metrics and Exchange members/users who stay with the programs through the sale will be more than strong enough to quell any unethical business practices that might cross their bow but I really don’t think there will be any.

For me, I’ve been with Performancing almost from the beginning and I plan to stay. I’m not currently a user of Metrics but as my newly moved blog becomes more established in it’s new home and place in the blogosphere, I most likely will become one whether it’s owned by Performancing or PPP. Just as long as things stay on the up and up.

If things need improving somewhere you can’t improve on those things if the first thing you do is bail out.

A couple of interesting views on PPP and PPP & Performancing can be found at ProBlogger and Andy Beard (under the “2007 A reality Check” subtitle). Read the comments as well if you have time.

We shall see…

Correction: The Performancing company is actually owned by Nick Wilson and Patrick Gavin. Chris Garrett being the CTO of the group wisely decided to stay in the background during this time and let Nick and Patrick handle the dealings. He gave me the impression in a PM to me that he figured “three’s a crowd” when it came to announcing the decision. But make no mistake. These three are probably in my top 5 list of the most ethical critters on the web at the moment.

You can get read about these three “musketeers” on the about page at the performancing website

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