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The Cuckoo Clock is Slow–Summer Must be Coming — 9 Comments

  1. LOL these are funny. I hear ya though, we turned the dehumidifier on this past weekend (in the basement). Got the water turned on outside, got the sprinklers turned on….all that fun stuff that starts the beginning of summer yard work 8)

  2. One must always be ready for the change of seasons. Allergy pills, boxes of Kleenex, hauling out the yard tools and other implements of destruction and resetting the time on the darn cuckoo clock every time the humidity level changes. 😛

  3. Lol, with you on the cat fur, especially on day off when not shaved ~ look like santa the following morning! Thanks for stopping by, wish we could say summer’s coming ~ think we’ve had ours. Also wish my illness was good old flu, could take something for it ~ unfortunately there is no cure for what I got …

  4. Being in New England I have gone back and forth for weeks, opening windows, pulling down screen windows, putting them back up, closing windows.

  5. You might call it the New England Spring Exercises.

    Gonna jump down, turn around, open up them windows.
    Gonna jump down, turn around, close ’em up again.

    Repeat if necessary.

  6. I’ve had a cuckoo clock for 10 years and I’ve never noticed that it was slow during the summer. When the move is over, I’ll set it back up in my office and watch it like a hawk as we move into fall. Cool Post 😉

  7. @pipe
    Thanks! Let me know if you you see the same thing. Depends on how well the pendulum is sealed I would imagine.