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One sure sign the that Summer is on it’s way is when I first notice the Cuckoo clock is slowing down. At first just a couple minutes slow, then 5 minutes, then as much as 10 as the hot and humid begins to arrive. Why does this happen you might ask? Easy when you think about it.

The pendulum of the clock is made of wood of course (deep breath now) . Unless of course, it’s some cheap imitation Cuckoo Clock made out of plastic and stuffed with a battery operated quartz movement, fake electric pendulum, fixed plastic weights with a small, gold sticker slapped on the back that says “Made in China” that is (okay…breath normally).

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah…

The pendulum is made of wood and despite the lacquering, the wood will begin soaking up the increased moisture in the air and almost overnight, the weight of the pendulum increases just enough to slow the swing. And the heavier the pendulum is, the slower the swing and visa-versa. The slower the swing, the more “behind the time” the clock will be and it’s time to readjust the pendulum.

Bet you needed to know that.

Other signs I come across that tell me when Summer is coming.

  • The water glass that sits on my bed stand begins to sweat and that three in the morning drink of water begins to dribble cold “glass sweat” down my chest when I tip the glass. It’s amazing how much water the outside of a glass can hold. It’s amazing how quickly that will wake me right the heck up too.
  • When I go out to finally switch the snow blower from the garage to the shed and bring the mower from the shed to the garage, the machine that never failed to start on the first pull at 20 degrees below zero absolutely refuses to start in 60 degree weather. And if you’ve never pushed a hibernating, non-running snowblower any distance whatsoever, you (and your back) immediately realize why these things are self propelled.
  • The cat’s loose fur is now permanently stuck to my face and cannot be waved away as it can in the winter time. “Cat of ages, sleeps with me, and he sheds his love on thee.”
  • The vacuum cleaner is getting harder to push over the shag carpet. The wall-to-wall shag carpet. The wall-to-wall shag carpet that covers four entire rooms.
  • My keyboard is getting that sticky feeling again.
  • I realize how musty the inside my car really smells.
  • Open the windows, shut the windows. Open the windows, shut the windows…repeat as necessary.
  • The windows are open and the heat is still on (hey, this is the Northeast Kingdom, alright?).
  • I sweat for the first time in 6 months.
  • I’m just beginning to stick to the toilet seat again (I hope you don’t need an explanation for that one cause you ain’t gonna get it).

Yup! Summer must be coming alright.

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The Cuckoo Clock is Slow–Summer Must be Coming — 9 Comments

  1. LOL these are funny. I hear ya though, we turned the dehumidifier on this past weekend (in the basement). Got the water turned on outside, got the sprinklers turned on….all that fun stuff that starts the beginning of summer yard work 8)

  2. One must always be ready for the change of seasons. Allergy pills, boxes of Kleenex, hauling out the yard tools and other implements of destruction and resetting the time on the darn cuckoo clock every time the humidity level changes. 😛

  3. Lol, with you on the cat fur, especially on day off when not shaved ~ look like santa the following morning! Thanks for stopping by, wish we could say summer’s coming ~ think we’ve had ours. Also wish my illness was good old flu, could take something for it ~ unfortunately there is no cure for what I got …

  4. Being in New England I have gone back and forth for weeks, opening windows, pulling down screen windows, putting them back up, closing windows.

  5. You might call it the New England Spring Exercises.

    Gonna jump down, turn around, open up them windows.
    Gonna jump down, turn around, close ’em up again.

    Repeat if necessary.

  6. I’ve had a cuckoo clock for 10 years and I’ve never noticed that it was slow during the summer. When the move is over, I’ll set it back up in my office and watch it like a hawk as we move into fall. Cool Post 😉

  7. @pipe
    Thanks! Let me know if you you see the same thing. Depends on how well the pendulum is sealed I would imagine.