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The JT Evening News-5th Edition — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Thanks Kirk M for the info you provided on Keith’s blog. but still I would like to know that what was ur PR and what happened to your PR.

    Just to let you know that even my PR crashed 🙁 from PR 6 to PR 3 (reviewsaurus) but the other blog that is tipsosaurus got PR 5 straight from PR 5 😀

  2. You’re very welcome. I was hoping you might avoid a lot of the hassles others went through when they did the initial upgrade to 2.3.

    Anyway, I was a PR5 through the last 3 PR updates and I was knocked down to a PR 4. Only 1 point but there was no reason for it as I’ve rarely run any ads at all (and when I did it was Adsense), no link campaigns and even the ads that I just recently started running are completely acceptable to Google. Seems kind of strange to me.