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Welcome to the fifth edition of the JT Evening News (published whenever I feel like it). Today’s edition runs down PageRank, SOB’s and some new Ads in the sidebar.

My word this could become a habit. 😀


Google Page Rank Update–Everybody Loses

I saw a comment today that Google completed it’s new batch of page ranks and I wasn’t too surprised to find I had lost a point since there has been a lot of kvetching among the Blogosphere since the the Q3 roll up started. Here’s a sampling of what’s out there about it.

Based on the list at SEO 2.0 

As far as Just Thinkin’ is concerned it really doesn’t matter much. I’m here for the fun of it and probably always will be but for many others it’s going to be a turn away from Google.


Added "GoodBlogs" SOB Widget

In honor of the 2nd annual SOB birthday party at Successful Blog, has worked up an SOB version of their GoodBlogs widget, one of which now resides in my right sidebar. You know, the sidebar with all the bling in it. Now you too can have access to all these SOB’s. 🙂


Put in some Shopping Ads

I’m currently running a test of the new Shopping Ads in my right sidebar. The service is in beta and by invite only at the moment and I happened to have gotten my invite from Patrick Gavin over at TLA where I have a publishers account. The ironic thing is that I haven’t run any standard TLA ads for months now but I liked the look of this new offering so I’m giving it a try.

In short, these ads are simple CPC types (like Adsense) that pays out so much to the publisher (me) every time someone clicks on one (more than Adsense) and safe enough for the reader to click on which is the important thing. The neat thing about these ads are that they bring up the common shopping type web sites that offer the best price on the item that’s displayed. Places like Target and Amazon to name a few, not some fly-by-night operations like my third cousin owns–if he’s still alive that is. Sp if any are so inclined, check out a few of the items and let me know what you think.


And that’s it for another "fine" edition of The JT Evening News (published whenever I feel like it).

Have a great evening all. 😛


The JT Evening News-5th Edition — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Thanks Kirk M for the info you provided on Keith’s blog. but still I would like to know that what was ur PR and what happened to your PR.

    Just to let you know that even my PR crashed 🙁 from PR 6 to PR 3 (reviewsaurus) but the other blog that is tipsosaurus got PR 5 straight from PR 5 😀

  2. You’re very welcome. I was hoping you might avoid a lot of the hassles others went through when they did the initial upgrade to 2.3.

    Anyway, I was a PR5 through the last 3 PR updates and I was knocked down to a PR 4. Only 1 point but there was no reason for it as I’ve rarely run any ads at all (and when I did it was Adsense), no link campaigns and even the ads that I just recently started running are completely acceptable to Google. Seems kind of strange to me.