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Need Help With WordPress? — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Janeywan, 🙂

    I can’t take credit for the tabs, they’re part of the theme itself. I add a page and it’s automatically displayed at the bottom of the header image. I have to actually go into the code if I want to keep any particular page from showing up.

    If you ever get the hankerin’ to do it yourself, I’ll tell you a few horror…I mean…interesting stories (sorry, couldn’t help myself). 😉

  2. I don’t see why so many people are saying people should move away or sort of imply that the only ‘real’ bloggers are selfhosted.

    It’s not just you [although you do keep going on about it to me!], but so many others as well.

    I for one am very happy at wp.com. I don’t have to worry about servers, upgrades, backups, databases, plugins. I have my own domain [Thanks for changing that in your blogroll!] and with the CSS upgrade I can do what I want.

    I’ve had a selfhosted blog on my webspace fro a while and messed about with it, but it’s just not for me and I don’t think I will change in the forseeable future.

    And I call my blog my own. 😛

    [And I’m back to disappear playing my game. See you in a few days.] 🙂

  3. Hi Cat,

    I can always depend on you to bring up the other view. What would I do without you? 😀

    Of course I didn’t mean that not being self hosted implies that one is not a real blogger nor did I state there was anything wrong with the free blog hosts and their offerings. Perhaps using the term “some” instead of “many” would have been more appropriate and maybe I’ll change that in the post now that you bring it up. Either way, I’m the last one to consider anyone less of a blogger if they weren’t self hosted.

    Look at me for instance. I spend 75% of my time dinkin’ around the backend of things and only 25% writing up posts. That means I pay my host $170.00 every two years for the privilege of being able to spend most of my time playing around with my own WordPress install. That makes me less of a blogger than most everyone else. 😛

    What are you playing BTW? Are you winning?

  4. I’ve had both and I admit hosting my own has been fun, challenging, and at times downright frustrating! I am one of those who went to Kirk for help and very glad I did. Some of the stuff I don’t like messin’ with he can do in a few minutes.

    (which reminds me…might want to pop in and check my plugins, please please please).

    I’m more than happy to give you a recommendation my friend.

  5. Alright, you talked me into it (you won’t even know I’m there…except when things start disappearing that is). 😛

    Thanks for the fine reference Elaine. 😀

  6. See, I play around with my blog as well. Change settings, read up on CSS to prettify my theme and comment on other blogs. That already takes enough of my time away. Plus I’m fairly active on the wordpress support forum.

    It’s just that I’m not selfhosted…

    I’m playing Mass Effect, a game I’ve been waiting for for two years.

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  7. Ah, I read your posts already when I stopped by earlier today (you shameless advertising person you). Almost makes me want to start gaming (at my age?). Well maybe when I get $1000.00 or so I can blow.

    I’ll be sure to follow your adventures in Mass Effect when you finally get you hands on the real thing.

  8. Well, I’ve been playing it a lot since last Thursday, completed it late Monday evening and I’ve already gone back. But I’m in the process of writing a a post about it which will describe just how much I loved it.

    It’s never too late to start gaming! 🙂