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Tags and Categories-Tagged Again! Part II — 12 Comments

  1. Hey, you done it. (I guess) K8 busted me, I forgot one category. I’m sure not going to check you!
    You have had and interesting life so far. Thanks for sharing it via this cruel and vicious meme.

    K8: I know you’ll be checking this out. Take a break from memes, K?

  2. My wife has left me, my cats are dead from neglect and I think I’m going to pass out now.

    And K8 (if you really decide to check it out), I’m sure I missed something out of all that. I’m a bit daft after all. And putting up a full tag cloud looks bloody stupid so I’m not doing it. Other than that, if you do stop by, welcome to the blog!

    I’m going to get my tag whacker now.

  3. Very impressive. I see you have after all found time for blogging after complaining just a few days ago! 😛

    Whilst the meme sure sounds interesting, I have over 100 categories and it’d be way too mcuh work to do it!

  4. Fair play Kirk! Surely the loss of a wife and cat are a small price to pay for such a magnificent magnum opus?

    You forgot to pass on the meme. Cat seems keen?

  5. Well bleedin’ done, mate. I was so enthralled, my fag burnt itself all the way to the butt without my noticing. (Poor bloke)

    This is a fantastically excecuted meme, so chuffed! On the bright side, at least people now get to see all your tags and possibly mooch through a few! I did, anyway…

    Goin’LikeSixty, I only busted you ‘coz you asked for it. Also, I’ve passed on enough of these yokes to earn the right to make one meself 🙂 That’ll be it for the memes (until more brilliant inspiration hits me), don’t worry.

    Kirk, I’d force Cat to do this at gunpoint if I was you.
    Don’t forget to post up your brand new shiny award, people!!!

  6. @Cat, Thank you Ma’am!…consider yourself tagged!

    @Grandad, A magnum opus? I’m so proud! The wife and cats came back. Raining and cold. On not tagging anyone last night-read the update and above reply to Cat.

    @K8 Thank you kind lady! I must admit my thoughts last night as the last of my receding hairline burnt to a crisp, were a bit less charitable but in the light of day (what there is of it) I can honestly say I’m glad you’re happy with the whole thing. Sorry about your fag though. Can you get another one perhaps? Do they come with a warranty these days or what?

    I took care of my friend Cat and there’s an award? I’ll have to go find it then.

  7. I have 118 categories! You are joking!! You only have around 30ish. Granted I don’t do tags, but still!

    And I don’t like how everyone on this blog is turning against me now… I shall think about it.. 🙂

  8. My dear Cat, look again.

    The meme includes both categories and tags and with the combination of both I had just as many as you do. No excuse. 😛

    And the only reason they’re picking on you is because they have found you worthy. You think they pick on just anybody? 🙂

  9. Well done Kirk, of course we knew we could count on something interesting to read coming from you. Please don’t be mad but I am going to have to pass on this though. Heck I haven’t even updated my blog in days! Hub coming in tomorrow from DC, Tuesday we leave on a road trip to NC (no flying this time) and I am running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done.

  10. Hi Elaine,

    No problem there of course. There’s no obligation whatsoever to participate in a meme especially in light of your situation.

    We’re only picking on Cat because she asked for it. 😉

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