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WordPress 2.3.1-An Email Notification Fix — 24 Comments

  1. I actually just created an e-mail account called ‘wordpress @ mydomain.com’ and it worked.

    I’m still waiting for the e-mail thing for post subscriptions though. If my readers don’t get the e-mail, I’ll be grabbing this plug-in.

  2. Glad you found a fix that worked. That’s the one I initially used and added a forwarder to my original Gmail address. The plugin does fix post subscriptions notifications if you find they’re not getting sent out.

  3. It seems to depend on the host also as to whether or not any given host validates the email address of any site sending out email. If that email address isn’t valid, in other words, it’s not part of the domain and not setup up for said domain at the host, then no go. Several hosts have recently gone over to this email address verification process recently in an effort to combat spammers who use temporary email addresses and also to decrease the load on their servers.

    On 2.3.x. It’s definitely worth it but as you know the old WP DB table structure is completely changed over to a new one with the 2.3 series and anything that directly queries the old DB tables in regards to categories and term relationships thereof will no longer work however, anything that uses the API to work the DB should be fine. I’m sure you know this but it bears repeating.

    Now get hot! 😛

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  5. Thanks for posting this information. WordPress should be ashamed for causing such a massive cockup in a maintenance release. I’m so sick of things breaking when I “upgrade” WordPress. Sorry. Rant over.

    Anyway, creating wordpress@mydomain.com solved this for me, too. I didn’t try the plugin.

  6. Hi Joe,

    The plugin works fine also for using a non-“WordPress” email address in your Admin settings but the wordpress@mydomain is required for comment notification and contact forms I believe. Either way it’s a good “just in case” addition.

    You’re right that this should never have happened and this bug was originally supposed to be fixed in WP 2.3.2 which is currently 4 weeks late. I suspect that the maintenance release has been put off and everything added to the WP 2.4 major release scheduled for January 24th.

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  8. I do use the email@mysite.com email. I have never used an off site address and it still stopped working. My subscribers were still getting their emails – but I wasn’t getting any. This plugin worked immediately. Thanks so much for directing me this way from the WP forums.

  9. Hi April,

    Glad it worked for you. Hopefully they’ll have this problem corrected in the WP 2.5 release. I believe I did read about a fix for this in the open tickets for 2.5 at WordPress Trac awhile back. The plugin itself came from one of the developers that was working of WP 2.3.2 but it never seemed to make into the final release for some reason.

  10. Thank you for this. I upgraded to 2.3.2 and the email stopped working. This plug in also works for this version as well.

  11. Always glad to provide the fixes I find. Doesn’t pay to be selfish you know. By the way, congratulations on becoming a new father…again. Saw it on your blog when I meandered over to take a look.

  12. Kirk

    Perhaps you can help me?
    I’ve got the same or a similar problem.
    I had no emails working for comment notifications on version 2.0 so I updated to 2.7. My blog is installed like this:


    I am getting new user emails but none for comments.
    I’ve looked on the forums about this but most of the threads point to this article so here I am.

    Nice blog by the way, I did pause to read several posts.

  13. Michael Whilta,

    I checked the source code of your page (WP 2.7 hasn’t been released yet) and find that you’re running WP 2.5.1. Did you install the plugin mentioned in the post? You might also want to check the “Settings/Discussion” “Email Me” section to make sure you’re supposed to get email notification every time someone comments. If this and the plugin don’t help then get back to me.

    Good luck.

  14. Kirk

    Actually the blog I put in my comment s not that blog that that I am working on and you are right that 2.7 is not released. I installed 2.6.2 on the blog in question. Also it is one that I have secured by a htaccess password as it is for staff of mine and is not open to the public.

    I tried installing the plugin and and yes I have the Settings set for “email me when ever anybody makes a comments”

    I tried setting up an email alias wordpress@mydomain.com too but that also bore no fruit.

    I’d be happy to send you the link to the blog and an access login info but I would need to have your email address to send you this information. I’d also be happy to pay you for your time.

  15. Michael Whitla,

    I’m headed out the door for the day but I’ll send you an email address tonight when I get back. I’m a bit rushed right now but I’ll be glad to help. I’ll send it to the email address you used in the comment form if that’s okay. If not, just use my contact form on this site to give me another email address I can reply to.

  16. Hi

    I am able to get the notification but I would like to know if you have any solution to-if I reply to the post, can an email go to the person posting the comment. If there is a solution to this, then it will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Nayna,

      Since you’re already running WordPress 2.7 then in your Admin, go to the “Plugins” menu and select “Add new”. Once the page loads, in the term field type: “Subscribe to Comments”. The “Subscribe to Comments” plugin should be listed on the first page of results. Just install from there and activate–and you’re done (the default settings work should work fine).

      Then pick any single post and scroll down to the comment form and you should see (when logged out) a small check box at the bottom left of the comment field that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”. If you’re logged in (or a reader has just submitted a comment) you’ll see “You are the author of this entry” with a link to manage your subscriptions.

      By checking the box before they submit the comment, your readers can now receive notifications of replies to any post they commented on. The replies will be sent to the email address they filled into the comment form.

      Hope this helps.

  17. Hey kirk,

    I have somthing to ask to you and would appreciate if you can reply to this please!

    I am getting new user emails but none for comments.
    I’ve looked on the forums about this but most of the threads point to this article so here I am.

    Nice blog though

  18. Hillary – I’ve tested the plugin in 2.7 with no problems. WP 2.7.1 is just a minor bug/security fix so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work in the new version also.

    Gratis – Installing the plugin should help.

  19. would like to know why my Wp Email Notification doesnt send mails when crossposting.