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Automattic’s Doing Something Right. — 2 Comments

  1. Hopefully they’ll put some of that money towards customer service classes for their employees and working on the bugs that have existed for eons over at wp.com. I’m losing my domain since their renewal process is broken and they refuse to respond to support requests. And that’s after answering over 7k questions for them in their support forums.

    Their lack of respect for volunteers is amazing.

  2. drmike: (welcome to the other side of things!)

    I have to agree with you, for all that Automattic does well, they really fall down on the job when it comes to customer service. It’s as good as non-existent. And the forum’s are almost a no man’s land for newbies especially the WordPress.org side of things where you can be insulted just for asking a simple question, present company excluded of course. More than once I’ve rescued someone asking for help after being talked down to by one of those so self proclaimed “senior moderators”. Ah well, one can always hope.

    On your domain: Isn’t purchasing a domain name through WP.com the same as purchasing a domain from anywhere? I’m wondering if you couldn’t just transfer to another domain name server and renew it there instead. You should still be able to use that domain at WP.com irregardless of domain name server. For example, my wife’s website is hosted at Bluehost but her domain name server is Network Solutions and I distinctly remember WP.com, when they first began offering domains for sale, that you could bring your own if you already had one.

    Or maybe you already know this? I do run on though. 😀