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Lousy Streaming Video in Firefox? Don’t Blame the Browser. — 9 Comments

  1. Force of habit keeps me with I.Explorer, even when Firefox is an option on other computers. My dad always growls when I use the former as he seems to be a true Firefox convert. Then again he uses these things for bigger purposes than I do. I just think the loyalty is kind of funny!

    I didn’t know you were a cabby in your past life!! I could’ve done with snow tyres yesterday… we had a mental flash-flood of hailstones with some pretty impressive lightning- very weird weather.

    Mind you, the thunder cleared up the atmosphere nice, for today it feels like July!! I love freaky Irish weather.

    Sorry, got off the point somewhat.

  2. Hi K8,

    Sorry for the delay here.

    Wait until Firefox 3 comes out and give it a spin. It won’t melt down your IE despite rumors to the contrary. Download the AdBlock Plus extension when you do and see if that doesn’t brighten up your browsing day a bit. I guarantee it will.

    Yup! I was a cabbie in the mountain division as we called it but don’t let that fool you. I made regular trips to Boston MA, Burlington VT, Manchester NH and a few others. The company itself had made more than one trip all the way down to Florida. Imagine taking a cab 1300 miles?

    Sounds like your weather is much like ours. Wait a minute and it will change. And don’t worry about being off topic…it’s allowed. 🙂

  3. Hi there, I’m a new convert to Firefox (and Opera now) and have been experiencing the same issues – video corruption on all flash streaming. It doesn’t happen with IE but then I no longer want to use IE! Was any progress made with this do you know?

    Best regards, Matt

    • Matt – Firefox 3.5 (former version 3.1) will improve on this somewhat by I found a decent improvement when I upgraded my video card to one that handled DirectX 9 (Windows XP Pro in my case) Making sure your video card or on-board video and your version of Windows uses the same version of DirectX. I switched from Windows to Ubuntu Linux (latest version) and I found that both Java script and Flash behaved much better in Firefox 3.0.* than it ever did in Windows XP. Either way, Firefox 3.5 will be out sometime this summer so you should see some improvement then.

  4. I’m really pissed off with Firefox. It worked beautifully until a couple of weeks ago when it ran slow and kept Not Responding. One of the menus told me it was updating itself (bloody rude, why don’t they ask permission?). Anyway, it hasn’t worked since – can’t get the Adobe flash bit to behave itself (I’ve always thought of ‘adobe’ as a synonym for ‘doesn’t work’). Does anyone know if there’s another browser that allows downloading of streaming video as easily as Firefox does, er, did? Thanks

  5. Even though so many rave about Firefox, I’ve always thought the browser sucked A$$ (fonts look grainy and the browser seems S-L-O-W) but after creating a supercool database-driven dynamic mp3 player that works like a charm in Safari, IE, and Chrome….but chokes like hell in firefox, I hate firef*ck even more than ever. So frustrating. What a joke of a browser.

  6. I dumped firefox for a while and reinstalled it to see if it now works. Not only does it not work but it now has ‘personas’ – nursery school type daubs obscuring and cluttering the screen. The sign of program writers who have run out of ideas. It’s off my computer again.

  7. 2012: Firefox 11, Windows Vista, Dual Core, DirectX 11, Radeon HD5800 and it’s still jerky… not always, but occasionally on larger videos. However, holding the mouse button down on the time slider of the video causes it to play smoothly! But holding or rigging the mouse button for the duration of a two hour film is not entirely practical.

    • Raul – exactly – I have held the button down an entinre movie to get through it – ARGH! I know my computer can do it – what the heck does the clicker halt or do?

      I have tried emptying caches mid stream, rebooting firefox, chaning stream sites, and disconnecting my macbook from teh router and reestablishing. Sometimes so of these things work – but not often enough for me to believe.