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Wallpaper Psychology — 10 Comments

    • Elaine – Boring? Somehow I doubt it. I’ve never been accused of being boring and I almost never change my wallpaper. usually my desktop background is just black–less complicated that way. 😉

  1. I like those wallpapers Kirk, especially the lightning one, plus it protects you.

    I have to tell you it was really nice to get a comment from you on my site. A lot of the original bloggers I met when I first started have faded away, so I’m glad you’re around and we’re still in touch.

    I have to admit I’ve neglected my blog a little, because of other web sites I’ve been working on. But it does look pretty.

    I hope you’re feeling better. You know I actually think of you when I see something on the news about VA hospitals and disabilities.

    Take care old friend.
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    • Emma – It was good to see you were still up and running also (with more than one site now–excellent). I was actually going through my links in the sidebar, something I horribly neglect and must overhaul as soon as I can, and I’ve also realized that many who were there 3 to 4 years ago have up and disappeared in one way or another. It was good to see you’re one of them that didn’t. 🙂

  2. I guess I’m kinduva stick in the mud, ‘cuz my philosophy has always been anti-wallpaper. That is, why spend the system resources on something you so rarely see?

    Of course, some of this has to do with the way I work – because I’m a hot-key guru, I toggle back & forth between apps (and browser tabs) with keyboard shortcuts so I almost never minimize everything. And some of this probably stems from being an old guy with memory-skimping sensibilities – I remember when every ounce of a PC’s system resources were a precious commodity and you didn’t casually waste RAM on fluff. (I’m pro-Win XP and anti-Vista for very similar reasons – Vista is exquisitely fluffy, but comes with a very steep hardware pricetag.)

    For honest disclosure’s sake, I hafta admit that my home PC does have a green-tinted abstract wallpaper – some snazzy thing I found on the web – but it’s the same one the PC has had since I initially set it up.

    At work, however, I do change my wallpaper each month with a new design that features a calendar for that month. I have little (real) desktop or wall space, so having an easy to see virtual calendar is kinda nice when I’m trying to schedule out my weeks.
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    • Rob O. – I’m as much a stick in the mud as you are but perhaps a tad older? I’m still on XP myself dual booting with Ubuntu Linux (9.04) now (I just can’t seem to keep my old “geek” in the closet where he belongs). I started using wallpaper in Ubuntu since it’s such a resource sipper–even with all the fancy vista like doo-dads activated. I’ve gone to using wallpaper on XP Pro as well as I’ve spent the last decade or so using basic black as my desktop. I need something more interesting these days. Second childhood perhaps?

      I was also a “keyboard commando” during my career in computers and R&D to the constant amazement (spelled: “Irritation”) of my fellow employees in that they could never follow what I was doing to their client station. 😛

      Vista? Meh,. It was purposely designed to cache as much of the operating system into physical memory as possible and as little as possible into virtual memory leaving room for programs and such hence the “246 MB’s free” on a 2 GB machine. If you ran a dual core and 2GBs of memory and forgot about resources Vista worked fine. But I agree, Vista was a load of fluff and irritants that were never needed in the first place. Hopefully Win7 will be better–even with wallpaper.

      Glad to see you back here.

      • Hey Kirk, I’ve gotta admit that as anti-Vista as I have been & continue to be, I’m really liking what I’ve seen of Win7. I loaded a late beta version on an old hunka-junka PC with an iffy mobo and only 1 GB of RAM. It easily performed as well as XP, perhaps even a smidge better. It seems to juggle the overhead required for the fluff much, much better than Vista and it just “feels” cleaner & leaner.

        But I still dunno that there’s any seriously compelling reason for me to upgrade from XP Pro on my main PC. I’ve yet to find answer to the question, “What does XP not do that you need an OS to do?”
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        • Rob O. – Considering that Win7 is supposed to run fine on a netbook out-of-the-box then it would stand to reason it should run fairly well on a single core w/ 1GB RAM (I take it your hunka junk is a single core Pentium or AMD?). Nice to know it runs so well though. For tried and true XP users the absolute final day will be in 2014 when MS stops supporting XP in any way, shape or form. As it is MS is only supplying security updates until that time and when the security updates stop then it’s time to ditch the old OS and move on to the next–whatever the heck that will be.

          In light of this I’ll most likely buy a new machine come the beginning of next year or so with Win7 pre-installed (with the OEM disks, not the “recovery” crap they foist off on you these days) and assign my old beater here to a dedicated Linux machine, probably Ubuntu. I’d rather not stretch XP until the very last day and have to attempt transferring all my stuff to an OS 2 or 3 generations past Win7.

    • Quickroute – Hey, I like that. Desktop wallpaper of your next destination. Such a vagabond you are (I use to be one myself). And no, vagabonds are not bums, tramps or otherwise by definition. 😉