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Reviving the Dead | Part III — 3 Comments

  1. Reloading a PC from scratch can be an arduous but worthwhile task. But like you, I mostly find it to be more tedious than anything, just waiting and waiting.

    Following a fresh install, one of the first things I always install & run is the free CCleaner to clear out any of the clutter that accumulated during the load (there’ll be more than you’d expect) and rid the system of orphaned Registry entries (yup, there’ll already be some of these). It’s a very reliable & safe utility that’ll give your Windows a squeaky-clean feel and keep it performing like new.

    Also, even the most cautious surfer can sometimes get bit by web bugs so it’s a great idea to preemptively install the free Malwarebytes. When you’ve been hit with a trojan, spyware, or some other really deep-rooted Internet nasty, this tool is indispensable!
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    • Rob O. – Sorry for the delayed reply, life is and all that. Anyway…

      This just proves, once again, that great minds think alike. I’ve been using good old CCleaner since Windows 95b (I believe that’s around the time the first CCleaner hit the streets as “Crap Cleaner”) and although I use “Avast! Home” (free version) as my main anti-virus/anti-malware program I keep the on-demand version of Malwarebytes waiting in the wings when I want to perform a manual scan.

      BTW, in case you’re interested, I’ve been running Windows 7 RC on my 6 year old HP desktop PC for about a month now and I’ve been very pleased (single core AMD 3200+, 1 GB memory and an old AGP type GeForce XFX 6200 video card). Tweaked the UI a bit, much the same as I did in XP, and it’s running along as well as XP did if not better in many ways. And CCleaner is hooked to my Recycle Bin as usual. Sure has been a long trip from OS to OS when I think back on it.

      • Yup, great minds…

        I loaded up Win7 RC on a gimpy old PC with an iffy mobo and played with it for a bit and, like you, I was really impressed at how well it ekes out solid performance even on very crummy hardware. I like it much better than Vista, which just felt like so much fluff with so little substance – and came with a tremendous performance hit.
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