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This blog isn’t always what it themes — 2 Comments

  1. Didn’t you just write about your cats. After looking at your header, I was wondering if you’d changed pets, too. Or, perhaps you’ve been taken as a pet by them? In any case, I’m guessing that those thoughtful chimps, unlike so many repressed humans, will see, hear, and speak as much evil as they damn please.
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog ..Homesite Puzzler #1: My Old Kentucky Poem =-.

    • Larry – Welcome to my little hole in cyberspace. As far as the header is concerned, my cats dared to insult me so I sent in the (non-flying) monkeys as retribution. Unfortunately, as you say, they haven’t shut up since. Maybe if I give them 40,000 years or so they might come up with the entire works of Alfred E. Nueman?

      And since you were so kind as to stick me into your sidebar I shall reciprocate accordingly even though upon my initial visit to your site you tried to make me think. That hurts me more than you, you know.

      Now I need to go find out if my cats will allow me to have a second cup of coffee.