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Not being one to stick with one theme or another for any length of time (much to the constant dismay of my regular readers I’m sure) I have a bad habit of changing themes like a politician changes allegiances albeit without the money, power and brownie points involved.

Considering that I’m the type of guy whose wardrobe consists of a few pairs of dungarees, several T-shirts and sweatshirts plus a couple pair of sneakers (one comfortable pair and one “dress pair”) I find this rather ironic. Can’t get me to change my clothing style any but I can’t seem to be able to keep the same theme on this blog for more than a month or two.

Perhaps this is indicative of a latent personality trait attempting to manifest itself in other ways? Perhaps I’m really a closet clothes hog and I’m taking it out on my poor old blog?


Usually, during my bouts of theme-mania, I don’t bother with explaining my ridiculous self as to why I’ve changed the theme yet again but this time is a bit different. It has to do with the up and coming WordPress 3.0 that’s scheduled to be released sometime in the latter portion of 2010.

What type of changes will be going into WP 3.0 is still in the beginning process but one thing for sure, the next WordPress milestone is going to include a new “Default” theme and the one that’s sitting before your eyes is Ian Stewarts’ concept of what it could turn out to be. In fact, if the task of coming up with a new Default theme for WordPress 3.0 is cast out  among the many WordPress theme developers in a sort of “best of” type competition, than his new Kirby theme could very well be in the running.

So since the venerable old “Kubrick”, foundation for just about every 2 column WordPress theme since 2004, is having it’s last run in the 2.9 series of WordPress I decided to try out what could turn out to be it’s successor.

Sounds like a good reason anyway.

Looks a bit like Kubrick, looks a bit like the old K2 as well now that I think of it and yet it’s neither one nor the other and both at the same time–sort of. And I’ve always preferred the minimalistic look myself probably due to not having any talent for designing to speak of.

I really like the theme and it’s functions overall but having my smiling face next to each post title was a bit much so I changed the Gravatar back to Marvin the Martian so I wouldn’t put readers “off their lunch”. It wouldn’t be conducive to gaining repeat customers. And having a rather large “About the author” blurb at the end of each single post was also a bit much for a personal type, single author blog but that was easy enough to get rid of so I’m good to go there as well. And amazingly enough it’s very stable despite the fact it’s still early in the development stage of things.

One more plus in my favor is that the text in the content area has this nice big font setting. Keeps me from squinting while I’m checking for those mistakes that always seem to slip through.

Finally, I’ve always enjoyed having the ability to change the header image built into the theme options and I’m rather proud of this one as I did it myself. By including the photos of some of the more intelligent members of my family…er…members of the human race…er…

…I believe the header image reflects the the title of this blog quite well don’t you?


This blog isn’t always what it themes — 2 Comments

  1. Didn’t you just write about your cats. After looking at your header, I was wondering if you’d changed pets, too. Or, perhaps you’ve been taken as a pet by them? In any case, I’m guessing that those thoughtful chimps, unlike so many repressed humans, will see, hear, and speak as much evil as they damn please.
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog ..Homesite Puzzler #1: My Old Kentucky Poem =-.

    • Larry – Welcome to my little hole in cyberspace. As far as the header is concerned, my cats dared to insult me so I sent in the (non-flying) monkeys as retribution. Unfortunately, as you say, they haven’t shut up since. Maybe if I give them 40,000 years or so they might come up with the entire works of Alfred E. Nueman?

      And since you were so kind as to stick me into your sidebar I shall reciprocate accordingly even though upon my initial visit to your site you tried to make me think. That hurts me more than you, you know.

      Now I need to go find out if my cats will allow me to have a second cup of coffee.