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Writing something about writing something. — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for covering all the bases here. Now I don’t have to post anything until April.

    I cheated and found your tune through Google, so I won’t spoil anybody else’s fun. (I never would have guessed it, because I never heard of it before.) But I did want to repeat these lines:

    Well now, all the cars placed end to end
    Would reach to the moon and back again
    And there’d probably be some
    Fool pull out to pass.

    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog ..Whenever =-.

    • Larry – I thought about cars which made me think about the song which made me think about my old band that played the song which made me think of the original which made me…

      Well, you get the idea. Nice catch though.

      Since you have all this time off now perhaps you could take a vacation?

    • Larry – My wife just ignores what I write altogether. Easier that way. And if you ever find away to take a bodily vacation, let me know how it’s done. I could use one myself.

  2. @Karen and Kate – I’m great at rambling am I not? It’s my karma, no doubt. It’s only when I try to focus my thoughts onto a single subject that I get in trouble. My mind just isn’t adapted for synchronous thinking I guess.