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Firefox 4 | Avoiding the new UI OMGSHOCK! — 2 Comments

  1. I was going to wait to comment on this post until I’d actually taken a look at 4.0 Kirk. I think you’re ahead of the curve though and Firefox 4.0 is not on general release yet… I haven’t downloaded the beta version, because I haven’t exactly been lucky with my upgrades lately and and don’t want to jinx it. I’ll definitely be checking this post out again though when the time comes. I already spend way too much time learning new stuff and appreciate tips like this that shorten the learning period!

    • Denise – Looks like I haven’t been in the blog for awhile, sorry about that. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t bother with installing the beta as it’s still under a constant state of change and it’s rather difficult to run the beta alongside the official version without adding command switches to shortcuts and creating new profiles and such. Best leave it until the final version is released and then you can do a simple upgrade. Supposedly, for those that perform what the call an “in place” upgrade, the UI will basically remain the same as before the upgrade.