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The Addams Family

Ah, yes. My very favorite family in the whole wide world. The Addams Family. And it’s creator, Charles Addams, celebrates his hundredth birthday today…or he would have if he were still alive…which he isn’t by the way. But if he was I’m sure he would have enjoyed it.

I have to admit that there’s a small, happily dark part of me that wouldn’t have minded one bit if I had been a member of such a family with all their secret little powers and rather unique outlook on life. Even when I was but a wee little thing I had this attraction since I had been introduced to the works of Charles Addams very early in life.

My father had one of the original books of Addams cartoons which I managed to dig out one day when I was about 5 years of age. Big old thing with a dark gray cover and an illustration of the Addams Family on the front. It had an immediate affect on me and I couldn’t wait to submerse myself into the pages of this macabre world of what I saw on the front of the book. I just had to have more of this.

I wasn’t the least disappointed.

I became a rather rabid fan of the old Addams Family TV series when it debuted the same year I turned 5. I thought it beat The Munsters right out and besides, I thought Carolyn Jones as Morticia was just that much hotter than Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster–even at the ripe old ages of 5 through 7 (both series ran from 1964 to 1966). It’s good to know that as an adult, my opinion in this matter has never changed. I’d take Morticia Addams over Lily Munster any day of the week (Figuratively!. I’m speaking figuratively here, now!)

Fully understanding that my “normal” life (I’m never quite what you’d call ‘normal’) is a full and happy one (it is), there’s still that small part of me who wouldn’t mind being a part of the family that was first cooked up in the imagination of Charles Addams. It let’s me appreciate the more macabre side of life and if you haven’t noticed–life can get pretty macabre at times.



Charles Addams turns 100 (or would have) — 8 Comments

  1. Well thanks for clearing that up for me Kirk. I was wondering what the Google graphic of the Addams Family was all about when I opened my browser this week.

    I remember watching the show way back when too, (yes it was popular overseas too). I have to admit I don’t have an opinion on Morticia’s or Lily’s hotness though. 🙂

    • Denise – You’re most welcome. One should not be unaware of the Addams family I always say. And don’t worry about not having an opinion on the hotness factor. That would be a guy thing mostly (although there are exceptions to that I suppose).

  2. Being a member of the Addams family would be fine with me. I’ve never, exactly, fit the mold of of “normal” but, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think life tends to be much more interesting if you’re sitting outside the box.

  3. If I were a resident of Lesbania I would highly fancy that lass Madeline Kahn of Young Frankenstein fame! Oh how I would’ve loved to be her ‘thing’.

    • Aaahhh, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found thee!

      K8 – Hmm, Madeline Kahn never did anything for me. But Terry Garr? She was much more my style if I had to choose netween the two.

  4. How can one compete with Morticia when she was such a complete and wonderful character in all aspects? I guess that is really not possible, but I can dream, can’t I.