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Still here and all that — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there, so glad you are still w/us and thinking of us. I must confess that I haven’t checked in for a very long time, then when I do, find you’ve been playing hooky. Strange that we’re thinking of one another at the same time isn’t it? I got hooked…..on playing some games(probably drugs too, I don’t know)Are you getting any snow yet? I miss snow, although last couple of years have seen a bit here. Didn’t feel well enough to really appreciate the beauty yho

    • Hi Sandi – Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking. I’m afraid that health, life in general and the VA for that matter have kept my posting down to a minimum these days but what the heck? It’s not like the site is going anywhere is it? That’s the beauty of an old fashioned personal blog like this one that isn’t designed to make money and fame. Flexibility in posting.

      And no, no real snow last year. And the winter has been rather warm as well. Far cry from what last winter brought us with frigid temperatures and tons of snow. It’s put the hurt on skiing and the business that depend on the snowmobiles that aren’t here this season but here in Vermont you simply can’t depend snow for any winter in particular. You never know until you wake up with 2 feet on the ground–or not.

      Hope you feel better.

  2. I’m sure things are busy with the new place and everything Kirk. I wouldn’t think you’d have any time to be sick!

    Glad you asked about our weather. We’re having a pretty cosy winter here in Iowa for a change. Very little snow and pretty decent temps. (At least compared to other years). What’s funny is that Europe seems to be doing worse than us this winter. Usually I’m complaining to my folks over there, this year it’s the other way around. It’s a crazy old world we live in you know!

    • Denise – A crazy old world? By what I read in the news these days that’s an understatement.

      Now then. How did I manage to miss your comment? Am I really that preoccupied that I’m missing comment notifications? Looks like I’ll have to have a serious talk with myself about the “not paying attention” habit I’m forming. perhaps a verbal warning is in order?