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My dreams have been rather vivid of late. Even more so than usual and that’s saying something. I’ve always had vivid dreams, vivid dreams in full, beautiful Technicolor despite those that insist on saying we dream in black and white and add the color after we wake up. Such nonsense.

It appears that things in dreamland have become so real that they’re beginning to poke through to the real world in the form of various monologues, revelry, shouts, commands and…er… singing (singing?) even to the point of waking up my lovely wife who, in turn, wakes me up often to my profuse thanks for doing so. Not all these trips into the other-worlds are enjoyable.

Talk about out of body experiences. Who says you have to die to experience such things? I’ve been performing some regular Quantum Leaps lately (Oh boy!) and I’m at the mercy of every one of them, believe me. In the past most of these super realistic dreams were about my time in the USN Submarine Force during the Cold War. It was always “back on the boat” during those episodes. Now though, all dreams have been upgraded to the “super-realistic”caliber although the “boat” dreams still hold the majority.

And it has taken it’s toll on my poor wife who now sleeps on the edge of bed as far away from me as possible since many of the dialogs of mine poking into the real world are accompanied by the equivalent physical exertions that are taking place in whatever situation I happen to be experiencing at the time.

Whether being poked in the nose (Ow!! Hey!!) or being shoved off the side of the bed (Get  down!!! *thud*) or listening to me shout orders, conduct my half of an argument, sing off key harmony to some old song my band used to sing long ago, my beloved but beleaguered wife is now considering early retirement simply because she feels she cannot keep up her work while not getting any sleep and being occasionally pummeled at the same time. And she absolutely won’t hear of me moving my sleeping quarters somewhere else.

I’ve heard of toughing it out for the sake of love but having to duck, dodge and listen to me warbling while attempting to get any sleep whatsoever is a bit much in my book. I do love that woman though for putting up with it.

The latest episode?  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, while I was somewhere far out at sea, my wonderful wife awoke with a start at the unmistakable command of:

Ahead Full!!

She quickly jumped out of bed and ran off to find an engine order telegraph. I’m beginning to believe that she’d have made a fine sailor.

Still all at sea.

All ahead full, y’all.




Still all at sea — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds to me like a change of meds may have caused an upset to the routine? Some of those buggers can have some nasty side effects in the nightmare department?

    Have you thought about twin beds, as a temporary measure?

    • Grandad – Good thinking but meds are the same unfortunately. I could be slipping into another dimension entirely?

      As far as twin beds are concerned I did consider it but I couldn’t get the darn chainsaw started so I had to drop that idea. Besides, Laurie wouldn’t allow it. She just spent all that money on protective gear you know.

  2. Sleep is a crazy beast, isn’t it? I’d recommend a larger bed, but Pete tells me there’s not much “open space” within your walls… 😉
    I like that Laurie & I are BOTH thanked profusely when we wake our bedmates out of nightmares… I’m not the one who usually hears anything outside of the bedroom, but I must have some sort of sleeping radar or something for when he starts breathing funny (his classic nightmare response). *HUGS* to you both!
    I’ve been taking melatonin for quite a while, now, to help me sleep more deeply. I also have a night guard for my grinding teeth. 🙁 Then, when I saw the Dr. the other day, he recommended meclizine for dizziness & mentioned that it makes one SLEEPY. He said it’s great for his rare nights when he can’t get to sleep! Recommended a possible half-dose if a full is too much…. I got the bottle of 12.5 mg & a full one of those WORKS, but 1/2 of one ain’t so hot. God luck!!!

    • Hiya Cate! – Welcome to my wee corner of the Innerweb. Sorry about your comment going into moderation like it did but that’s the way I have things set. First comment goes into moderation. You can thank the spammers for that.

      Yup,our place is rather small, cozy and…er…quirky. Just like us if you know what I mean and yeah, our bedroom won’t hold a bed larger than full. Besides, Laurie wouldn’t hear of getting bigger bed even if we had the room. She doesn’t like being that far away from me she says. Just between you and me though, I think she just doesn’t want to make a queen size quilt for it. 😉

      Unfortunately, I take too much medication already so adding another pill probably isn’t wise. Besides, I’ve suffered from insomnia all my life and believe me, I’ve tried everything. I finally gave up artificial means of getting to sleep and I just deal with it. The older I get the more sleep I seem to be getting so that’s good? (I hope).

      Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you, by the way. And may you sleep well.