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This site may explode without notice — 5 Comments

  1. That’s right – blame me for everything.

    Actually, I don’t think it was the plugin that caused the problem. It was a sort of catalyst that caused the database to reach critical mass and explode in a spectacular mushroom cloud of bytes, posts, tables and other bits. It was quite a sight, though the dog hasn’t recovered yet.

    The new site is up and running now, and the old one has been cased in a 50ft thick concrete sarcophagus.

    One can’t be too careful about these things.

  2. Grandad – Glad you’re being safe with the old site. Sometimes being overly cautious pays off. Let’s hope you don’t have any leakage.

    So far, the plugin hasn’t caused me any problems at all except I’m getting twice as many lockout notifications in my inbox. All those funky URL strings that lead to 404 pages I never knew about. Amazing what hackers will try, yes?

    • Those lockout notifications can be quite alarming all right. It is very interesting seeing what they are looking for! Another one I used to get from one of my [now discarded] plugins was attempts to guess my password. Some individuals would return time and time again, despite being regularly locked out. In the end I stopped them in their tracks by restricting access to Login or Admin to my IP address here. One of the great advantages of fixed IP!

      • Grandad – Unfortunately I’m stuck with a dynamic IP and it can’t be changed to fixed last time I checked. It doesn’t change often, only when the router is shut off for a half hour or more or Comcast switches my local routing server from one area to another. But it changes often enough where I can’t take the chance in restricting my login to one IP address. More’s the pity. I might contact my provider again to see if a single IP is possible or not.

        • It still should be possible though. It just means restricting to a range of addresses [Comcast’s DHCP pool of addresses]. Not quite as secure but better than nothing?