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It’s not snowing. It’s actually partly sunny and cold with a light and variable wind according to the weather site. The fact that it’s cloudy, cold and snowing is apparently irrelevant to them. I mean, why be accurate about these things?

I swear, I must be living in some sort of parallel dimension or something as far as the weather is concerned. Some alternate Newport, VT that occupies the same space as the Newport, VT the weather forecast applies to. And it’s not just the winter either but all year around.

I’m out mowing the lawn on a day that’s supposed to be warm and sunny,  not a cloud in the sky or rain on the radar within 300 miles of my location. In the meantime I only was able to mow half my lawn because several thunderstorms all decided to meander over my way and piss rain all over me. Yet despite the thunder, lightning and monsoon rains whipping and pounding the smaller branches off the trees the weather sites still insisted that it was clear and sunny. So this was liquid sunshine coming down then?

Now it’s snowing heavier. I’m going ignore it this time though since in all virtual reality it’s really not snowing at all. No sense in worrying about weather that’s not actually there you know.

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