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While I was removing the usual spam comments and banning evil IP addresses/login attempts from this old site of mine, I happened to look down at the clock  in the “panel” (I use Linux Mint, not Windows hence no “task bar”) and saw that it was now February 4th (where does the time go?). And it suddenly occurred to me that 7 years and 2 days ago I wrote and published my very first post to this new DYI blog of mine. It was about winter, of course.

To be honest, the above post may not have been the actual first post as I see there are several posts that were published on February 2nd but that’s most likely a glitch that occurred when importing the posts from the old WordPress.com location of Just Thinkin’ to the new DYI location way back when*.

* Update: Checking my old Just Thinkin’ site on WordPress.com (yes, it’s still there), I see it was a glitch that occurred when I imported the first iteration of Just Thinkin’ (called: “Conversation Lost”) from the old, original “Blogger” platform.

Now, Just Thinkin’ has never been that popular of a site and these days, the posts are few and far between, so why bother writing a post about my obscure little corner of blogdom? Well, in no certain order:

I did it myself.

I’ve always been a geek at heart so when I first transferred “Conversation Lost” from the ancient “Blogger” platform to an early version of WordPress.com I had already decided that, when I was ready, I’d get some hosting and work the new Just Thinkin’ to a DYI WordPress powered site (the name, “Conversation Lost”, had already been taken on WP.com and as a domain name in 2006). So in November of the same year I moved my blog to a brand new self-hosted site powered by WordPress 2.0 (The Duke release).

I’ve kept it going for 7 years.

So what’s the big fuss about this? I kept the site going through uncountable version upgrades, themes, plugins, hard coding and general breakage from “learning as I go”. I’m rather proud of this achievement since, except for one partial rebuild due to a partially crashed database way back when, the site is still going on it’s original installation that I managed to accomplish 7 years ago. It’s like still having the original car you had in high school that still runs as good as it did when it came off the show room floor thanks to the tender loving care you gave it over the years. Something like that.

Opened up a new world “social” communication.

Long before Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus arrived on the scene, the concept of socializing online really took off when the “weblog” was first published on the grand old WWW. Sure, it took awhile for the momentum to build up but it did as time went on and, after awhile, the new “blogosphere” really took hold and flourished. Imagine being able to read a post/article and to actually leave a comment at the end. Not only communicate with the author of the post/article but to reply to other the authors of other comments in the comment thread. Sheesh, what a concept!

But this is not a history lesson of the origins of “blogging”. This is just to say that I can’t help but feeling I was a very small part of it.  A very, very small part of it, but a part of it nonetheless.

Friends I would have never known.

Last but surely not the least. In fact it’s become first and foremost in my mind.

Friends. Damn good friends.

I couldn’t possibly list all of those friends and acquaintances I’ve met over the years that came from having this old blog of mine. Many are not around any longer having lost interest in blogging and/or just retreating back into the real world for good. But some have stayed around, those who were there at the beginning, still writing for their old blogs much like myself. Heh, much more often than myself to be brutality honest about it. People like:

Grandad at Head Rambles (Still rambling at the same old place–6+ years now?)

Sixty at Going Like Sixty (Keeps breaking his site–Grandad and me keep fixing it.)

K8 at K8 the GR8 (Daughter of Grandad and a very special lady in her own right.)

Bock at Bock the Robber (Always ready to offend at a moment’s notice. 😉 )

Dave Rhodes at DW Rhodes (Who keeps moving his site to different places like he’s wanted or something. Hi Dorian!)

That’s all I have time to name at the moment as I’m feeling the after effects of a rather nasty night, thanks to a certain service-related physical condition of mine, so if anyone feels left out–please don’t.

So now the big question at hand–shall I continue? In a nutshell, yes. Even though posts are few and rather far between now and not of much substance as they used to be (they’ve lost much of their…muchness) I can see no reason to stop at this post. The blog will always be here whether I post often or not. Besides, it’s an old friend. That may seem a bit strange, calling a blog an old friend but in a very real way, it is. At the very least it’s brought some really good friends my way and that’s a very special thing indeed.


Just Thinkin’ turns 7? — 4 Comments

  1. I know!!! I long for the old days (pre-Facebook) where commenting on blogs was the most social thing you could do with strangers. (And we hung with some real strangers all right.
    Hang in there for another seven, mmmmkay?

    • Sixty – As long as my web host, WordPress and myself survives the next 7 years then no problem. I wonder what kind of computer I’ll be posting from in 2020?

  2. Ah the good old days when a tweet was something a birdie said?

    Leave them to it, I say. All the more room here for us steadfasts.

    C’mon Kirk… race you to the end of the next seven years?

    • Grandad – As long as “racing” means a slow but steady walking pace then you’re on. That is if it’s actually possible for one of us to reach the end of another 7 years first?