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Just Thinkin’ turns 7? — 4 Comments

  1. I know!!! I long for the old days (pre-Facebook) where commenting on blogs was the most social thing you could do with strangers. (And we hung with some real strangers all right.
    Hang in there for another seven, mmmmkay?

    • Sixty – As long as my web host, WordPress and myself survives the next 7 years then no problem. I wonder what kind of computer I’ll be posting from in 2020?

  2. Ah the good old days when a tweet was something a birdie said?

    Leave them to it, I say. All the more room here for us steadfasts.

    C’mon Kirk… race you to the end of the next seven years?

    • Grandad – As long as “racing” means a slow but steady walking pace then you’re on. That is if it’s actually possible for one of us to reach the end of another 7 years first?