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Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m still here. I haven’t left for a long trip nor have I decided to give up  blogging (sorry, you still have to put up with me–or not). But the warm(er) weather has arrived in my little corner of the Northeast Kingdom and there’s several projects that need to be completed. Among those are the taming of 100 foot, badly overgrown hedge, preparing the lower garden for planting and the replacement of a 100 foot long, 6 foot high stockade fence and I have to remove the old one first before the fencer can put up the new one. There’s also the burst pipe in the wall that feeds the outdoor spigot that needs to be fixed as well.

And, of course, the never ending mowing.

All the above requires a bit of preparation as you might well imagine. Things like taking the old beast of a lawn tractor to the shop for the usual going over, the purchasing of a gas powered hedge trimmer for the 100 foot, 6 foot high, 6 foot wide hedge, and buying a rototiller (the days of shovel and hoe are long over for me). This also means hooking up the equipment trailer and running to and fro like a mad man in an attempt to get everything done when it needs to be done. Timing is everything you see.

The problem always lies in the fact that I only have so much energy per day and once it’s used up–I’m done. There’s no taking a half hour break, a snack, a glass of water and I’m ready to go again. Once my allotment of “get up and go” is used up for the day, that’s it. So again I say, timing is everything.

So the blogging has been put aside in favor of “things to be done” and all that, but not to worry. There’s plenty of changes afoot in this town we live in and there’s pictures to be taken of the “before and after” type that will provide plenty of posts over the next couple of years at least. That plus the inevitable shots of my nicely mowed lawn, 100 foot hedge and (hopefully) the new 100 foot, 6 foot high stockade fence.

Have a fine day, all.


Still here–I think. And more coming up. — 2 Comments

  1. My tuppenceworth [for whatever worth that is] – I bought a power hedge trimmer and lived to regret it. It’s brilliant for the first while but it is amazing how heavy it becomes after a while, particularly on the long-reach areas. I since got myself one of those battery powered jobbies and it is brilliant. It’s about a quarter the weight, almost silent and the charge is more than enough for a good session’s trimming.

    Just a thought.

    • Grandad – I humbly confess that I’ve killed myself swinging that new trimmer around. If the damn hedge was of a manageable size it wouldn’t have been so bad but it isn’t. !00 feet long and over 5 feet wide in the majority of it so I can’t cut the whole top from one side. The kicker is, the hedge is near 6 feet tall on one side and over 6 feet tall on the other (figure that out*) so only one half of the top is trimmed.

      *Okay, so the ground is 18 inches lower on the neighbor’s side of the hedge. Same difference.

      I shall no sally force with painter’s ladder and manual clippers and attempt to finsih the top of the damn thing. Then I will burn it down.