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My poor old site appears to be currently hammered by hackers trying pound their way into the back end of things. Or perhaps it’s nothing but a new swarm of rabid bots looking for vulnerable sites, I don’t know. What I do know is that I opened my email program only to see 61 lockout notifications for bad logins when I usually only get a few a week. Most of the lockouts I get are due to funky URL addresses resulting in 404 pages as if adding a whole string of numbers and symbols after the link address was going to get them anywhere else. But this time it was all bad logins and not a 404 in site.

It’s obviously a plot of some kind (yawn).

And all these bad logins were from strange, exotic, faraway places like Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, China and Texas. A few were even from routers (according to www.ip-adress.com) which were obviously bored from lack of use and had nothing else better to do than to poke at the login page of an obscure little site like mine.

This occurrence immediately followed an email received early this morning stating something about my hosting company, this site and some sort of tariff. A tariff on Just Thinkin?!? They want to lower a tariff on my poor old blog now? Jeez, they’ll tax anything nowadays. Where do they think I live, Ireland? (Sorry, GD. Couldn’t resist). I rang up my hosting company and was told that they already know about this, that they had taken care of it and that I may receive a couple more of these emails but that should be it.  Fine with me. And if there’s  more than a couple I’ll just forward each one to their support email address just to brighten up their day.

Otherwise, the never ending rain is still never ending. In fact it’s gotten to the tropical downpour stage–again. So I’m actually glad for all these hack-attacks and scam emails as it gave me something to bitch write about.

Hackers, bots, tariffs and rain. And how’s your day?


Hackers, Bots and Tariffs — 3 Comments

  1. And how’s your day? Not bad, actually. Just received an email telling me I am the sole beneficiary of the estate of some bloke who died in the Concorde crash back in 2000. I won’t bother claiming it though. As you rightly point out, the Gubmit will just find some excuse to grab it all.

    • Okay, I really must be losing not replying to this comment. My mind is a rabbity mush these days.

      So where’s this estate anyway? Turkey? Istanbul?