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Turning the page to a new chapter — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations! Just clear out the wood shed so you have somewhere to hide.

    So now you are officially a Member of the Idle Rich Class – welcome into the fold!

    • Idle Rich Class? Well, you got two out of three correct anyway. We definitely intend to be of the Idle Class alright but rich? Only if it defines as a rich and full life sans lots of money. Otherwise, we are proud and honored to be members of what you said. Thanks for the welcome!

      And I’ll look into that woodshed thing but I think I would prefer clearing out the tool shed and making into a workshop. At least the tool shed could be heated?

        • Ah, what the heck. All in all I consider my life very rich indeed. As long as I can pay the bills and buy groceries me and my better half are set up pretty well I think.

          Perhaps money isn’t everything after all?