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Taking a break from the conversation. — 6 Comments

  1. Many thanks, Kirk. Dunno what to say!

    I look forward to receiving the gift – you have even put on Irish flags [upside down, by the way]. I have a spot marked out and the foundations are down. I trust you will join me for the Grand Opening?

    • Oh, now that you’ve gone through all that trouble I can’t find any for sale (you laid foundations for an inflate-a-pub?). Amazon doesn’t carry them and the only ones available that I can find are located in Ireland. And even those are only for hire.

      Well, since you’ve already had the foundations put down I guess I’ll just have to sling a tool belt around my waist, strap my saw scabbard across my back, throw on my dry suit and head over to your place. Since it’s a rather long swim you can probably expect me around late Spring.

      I’m awfully sorry about this. Happy Birthday anyways though.

      • You’ll be more than welcome. Phone me when you arrive on the west coast and I’ll give you directions [which will essentially be “go east”]. I’ll even buy you a pint in my new pub.