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The Dumb Home — 2 Comments

  1. I am little bit wary of this whole idea of “smart” anything. If a computer can be hacked then so can your central heating / home security / refrigerator or [God forbid] your car.

    The only “smart” devices I have are the home Wifi [purely for entertainment] and my SatNav which I use as it has a more accurate speedometer than the built in one. In the event of a power failure we have open fires [plus a stock of wood, turf and coal], a gas stove for emergency cooking and a plentiful supply of torches, oil lamps and candles.

    So who is now going to invent a “smart” candle?

  2. So who is now going to invent a “smart” candle?

    Give them enough time and someone will manage to think of it. I mean, someone actually thought up a smart hairbrush for the 2016 CES:


    As I understand it the hairbrush will play an amplified recording of hair breaking if you tug too hard. It also costs over $100 US and I’ll even bet that some people will actually buy the thing.