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  1. Huh? Still trying to digest all this. I don’t understand why you get so much spam? I don’t get any, is that because no one likes me? You know the new girl on the block attitude. Now to the last paragraph, WordPress for the absolute Beginner…YES! GREAT IDEA, I still need lessons. Of course if you’ve noticed I’ve been giving you a break with my questions. Don’t want to wear out my welcome you know.

  2. The only reason you haven’t been bombarded yet is because you are the new girl on the block but don’t you worry…get a couple months worth of posts under your belt and the spamments will come your way. Enjoy your solitude while you can.

    You won’t wear out your welcome, not at all. Besides, it keeps my head working when all it wants to do lately is sleep. 😛
    Unless I’m flat on my back or something similarly annoying, I’ll start on part I of “WP for the AB” this weekend. Bear with me on this, I’ll probably have to rewrite the thing 2 or 3 times until I’m satisfied with it. 😉

  3. That’s interesting findings about the Bad Behaviour plugin. I’ve been reading a few things about this lately and almost all of them are good. It seems to be a good complementary solution to Akismet etc. I must have play with it and see what it can do.

  4. @ Frank:
    Thanks for stopping by. A couple things about Bad Behavior.

    Stay away from Verbose logging or you’ll fill up the database real quick. Regular logging should be good enough. The log is viewable only through phpmyadmin. You should be able to use this through your host if they have the software installed but I use the phpmyadmin plugin for WP that sticks it right into your admin.

    Last, read about the plugin on the author’s page especially about “Whitelisting”. I found that since my install was initially done by Fantastico, it’s regular version WP check was being blocked by Bad Behavior and I had to add the IP to the whitelist.inc.php file in the plugins directory. It’s easy enough but I never would have known unless I had checked BB’s logs in phpmyadmin.
    Just a word to the wise here 😛

  5. Thanks for that, Kirk. And to make things more complicated I’ll probably be using it as a Joomla plugin rather than a WP one. It seems to be being ported around to the different CMS’s out there which is nice. That’s a good heads up though about the verbose logging. I’ve had some experience at work with servers crashing due to log files filling up the C drive. Cheers.

  6. Not a problem. If you can get to the Bad Behavior logs like I can, you can purge those logs every so often to keep the database size more reasonable.

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