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A 2 Day Snowstorm-Minding the Shop — 3 Comments

  1. Good luck Laurie! I’m off to get the reverse repaired on my fiancee’s car right now. 45 mins each way to the shop and an our at means I’ll be on my way home during the storm. The problem is, without reverse I’ll never get the car to back out of the driveway with fresh snow.

    BTW Kirk, I’m now living in VT, and I love the newest site design since I’m on a very restrictive satellite ISP.

  2. You’re getting what is winding down here in Michigan, (started last night). Man oh man what a winter this has been! Good luck to Laurie!

  3. fhdogs,

    Let me officially welcome you to Vermont! And yes, a car without reverse should never pull into a parking space “front end to”. I know I would certainly get tired of pushing my rig backwards out of the driveway, especially the backing out into the road part and running around to the driver’s side before oncoming drivers became to impatient.

    Glad you like the new design. Easier on everybody all around.


    I agree 100%! And at least another month to go. Never fear, Spring’s nearly here.

    And thanks for your well wishes! Laurie made it back in good time, got all her business accomplished and the temperature stayed just above freezing so the roads remained clear. Nothing like the power of the minds, yes?

    Thanks all.