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The Mower the Merrier — 2 Comments

  1. Don’t you love the look of freshly cut grass 🙂 Yea it’s raining here all day so I’m sure it’s heading your way. Thursday is our grass cutting day, not sure it will get done or not if this rain doesn’t let up. MI needs the rain though, had almost zero in April!

    Take it easy with that back Kirk, don’t want to see you laid up for the next week. Ok now I’m done giving you unsolicited advice.

  2. Hi Elaine:

    I apologize all over the place for missing you like this. My head has been somewhere else lately and if I ever find out where that is, I’m going to give it a right good talking to!

    Yes, I do love the smell of fresh cut grass. In fact I’m absolutely obsessed with mowing the yard. I’ll have to get help for that. And the rain never did make it. It didn’t make it this week either so far. Perhaps we’ll just keep pushing it ahead of us as the days go by.