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The Tree Cometh Down-Misses the Bench — 11 Comments

  1. This looks like my neighborhood on Saturday morning. We still have trees in front yards waiting for the tree service to come grind them up. Amazing how fast these storms can blow in and how much damage is done in such a short period of time. The most important thing is no one was hurt and their home was not damaged. Glad you’re ok. Lord help us with hurricane season.

    Made me smile when I saw the bench still standing and it’s message 🙂

  2. Chain saws? Did you say chain saws? Fuckin’ A, dude, can you wait ’til I get there? I’ll bring my little orange saw and turquoise hard hat.
    Ar, Ar, Ar,

  3. Hi Elaine,

    I’m more than glad that the bench was unscathed in the blow down. My neighbor, Howard, is 83 this year and he makes daily visits to his wife who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and she was the one who who painted the message on the bench. He misses her very much so it’s doubly good the bench made it.

  4. Hey Sixty,

    You got a turquoise one? Sheesh, mine’s just that plain old orange color. What the hell, it works right? Cutting up tomorrow…that is if my back is up to it. My neighbor’s son has a back as bad as mine so this ought to be a real productive show here. 😛

  5. Hey Sixty,

    Am I nuts…most assuredly however, I couldn’t get out there when I wanted to nor the next day either. But today my back was good enough for me to swing our old chain saw for a couple-three hours (with a break for lunch and an off the shelf pain killer) and had all but about 9 foot of main trunk left when I had to call it quits. I’m sure I’ll pay for it tomorrow but my neighbor is 83, a good man and I was more than happy to be able to get out there and help him out.

    Who knows? It may be the last time I can do something like this for someone. Use it (when I can) or lose it entirely I always say. 😛

  6. I thought you were 83 too? What about all the mexicans looking for work, don’t you feel bad about that?
    Since the tomatoes can’t be picked, I’m sure they were hounding you!

  7. Oh, I just re-read your about page: you were a cold war submariner and are IN your late forties.

    I thought you were a submariner IN THE late ’40’s…

  8. That’s funny (IN the late 40s).

    There was a tornado once in Barrie, Ontario Canada back in the mid-eighties and it took everyone by surprise. we were on a bus trip to a jays game and had to leave early because of it. It was really scary (age 7) and the destruction was incredible. – Again no one hurt = a great thing. Consider yourself lucky that you are okay.


  9. Sixty,

    WHAT?? (You just knew that was coming didn’t you? And let the Mexican’s find their own damn trees or tomatoes as the case may be.)

    A submariner from the 40’s?? Hell Sixty, submariner’s don’t even live that long! 😛