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Spammers welcome me home — 3 Comments

  1. I got spammed by the FBI, looking for my name and address. Of course I gave it to them and am now waiting for the 15 million to be deposited into my account… but… they’re the FBI! I would have thought they’d already have my details!!! Strange.

  2. K8 – Strange indeed but for some reason I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that 15 million.

    Have you checked your bank balance lately? Might be a wise thing to do. Just a hunch on my part.

  3. It’s okay, if the FBI doesn’t come through for me, there’s always Mr. Mohammed Naheed of Nigeria who has entrusted me with his fortunes for some unknown reason. Such a nice bloke! Totally worth the €8,000 I had to send him to cover admin costs.