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WordPress 2.8.1 fixes 2.8 auto upgrade bug — 6 Comments

    • Hi Elaine – Nope, you should be fine. If the problem is going show up it would have been during the upgrade process itself or immediately afterward such as the 500 server error I received right after I upgraded (couldn’t access the admin or the blog itself). Some other users report certain parts of admin pages missing or entire admin pages altogether. There have been complaints that the media uploader throwing an error during upload even though the image is actually uploaded but that could be plugin related as much as anything. If you haven’t seen or experienced anything wrong then you should be okay.

      If, for some reason, you do come across anything then just give me a holler and we’ll take care of it. Like I said, the fix is easy.

    • Hi Sixty – Since you’re still running 2.7.1 and everything is just fine and dandy I’d strongly suggest you wait until 2.8.1 is released before you consider upgrading. And when you do I’d also suggest what I did to Elaine and deactivate all your plugins first before doing the auto-upgrade thing.

      Just stick a piece of tape on your monitor where it says “WordPress 2.8 is available, please upgrade” when you’re banging abouts your admin. Probably make you feel more comfortable. 😛

  1. hiya kirk thanks for the ehads up i havent been on wordpress for the last few days so i will use it carefully tonight and hope that nothing happnes to my PC. I hope you and your good lady are both well and life is treating the both of you good.

    • Hi Vicki – Nice to have your lovely self grace the pages of my poor blog. You really don’t have to worry about the bugs in WordPress 2.8 since it applies only to those who “do-it-themselves” like myself, Grandad and K8 to name a few. Having a blog hosted on WordPress.com is an entirely different thing as the folks at WordPress.com handle all the upgrading rigmarole for all the WP.com bloggers.