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DoFollow Spam and Other Comment Type Improvements — 14 Comments

  1. This TinyMCE yoke is nice, and does make commenting easier.  It is inclined to screw up though as it all depends on how your CSS handles, for example lists.  In my case, things got very messy, so I just removed the list options from the TinyMCE menu.  Works a treat!
    .-= Grandad´s last blog ..How green can you get? =-.

    • Grandad – I had put in a support ticket to CommentLuv about TinyMCEComments arguing with CommentLuv and having to check the box after blah, blah, blah and it turns out that TMC puts the comment box into an iFrame so CL won’t pick up when the cursor is placed into the comment field itself. The work around is making sure you check the CL check box after the website field is filled in hence my little disclaimer. They also stated that because of this CL won’t ever be fully compatible with TMC.

      I’ll take the chance that most folks are smart enough to read the disclaimer? I mean, you did. 😉

  2. Ok now I’m wondering, do I still have do follow at my blog, Mr.Blogmaster? What if a person doesn’t have a website, can they still comment using comment luv?

    • Elaine – Sure they can comment but if they don’t have a website then they really shouldn’t be checking the CL check box but it won’t matter if they do–nothing to retrieve (you know, like when they attempted to take an EKG down at the VA–nothing to retrieve).

      Blogmaster? Hey…I like that. Gives that god awful word “blog” some self respect it does. Of course it still sounds a bit like a job title meaning “someone who is in charge of a heath”. 😛

      I checked and nope, you don’t have a DoFollow type plugin installed. You could try CommentLuv since you wouldn’t have the problem me and Grandad do since you don’t use the TMC plugin (you know what geeks we we can be). 😉

    • Elaine – But it picked it up here didn’t it and it worked at your place too. I take it my little CL disclaimer makes things clearer to readers?

  3. That auld fella, Grandad, is always on top the plugin happenings.  CommentLuv and TinyMCE are excellent and must have plugins (I’m behind on me plugin-ness.) .  WordPress has its issues, but you can’t beat open source products.    🙂
    “Software is like sex: it’s better when it’s free.”   Linus Torvalds
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    • JD – Hey, welcome and all that. And I agree, the open source idea is great and besides, any software is buggy. It’s just a pain in the butt when you have to pay for it (never knew ol’ Linus was so open minded).

      And you never know what Grandad is going to throw your way next?

  4. just tuning in after lengthy abscence…..I have no earthly idea what ya’ll are talking about.I’ve walked into a scene of another century or world,maybe the drugs are really hitting me!Per instructions to Elaine,I won’t check CL as I have nothing to retrieve (literally!)Hope you all have been well,will take me a bit to get caught up on all your posts and will have to try to catch up to grandad too,but hell,he goes so fast I’ll probably have to join him in progress.

  5. Hi Sandi – Welcome back and don’t worry about having to catch up. I’ve had plenty of times recently where I was away for lengthy periods of time and those times maybe fewer now but they’re not over yet.

    Don’t worry about what the post was about since it only applies to us boneheads who have WordPress powered sites (we have a tendency to be gluttons for punishments 🙂 ).

    And Grandad moves too quickly even for those in the best of health. Don’t know how he does it.

    • Grandad – Why, in whatever it is you do of course. And you do so much of it I have to admit she’s right. Miss a few days of making the rounds and all of a sudden you’re ten posts ahead of everyone else…with the possible exception of Sixty. But then again in Sixty’s case quality isn’t everything? 😛