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Blogging belongs to those over 30? — 13 Comments

  1. But ‘adults’ over 30 are just children too? It’s the Grand Masters over 50 who are now leading the way. As soon as yourself, Sixty and I hit the stage, the children knew the game was up. They realised they couldn’t compete and are giving up. The only reason your linked exception is surviving is because she has an exceptionally talented Old Man.
    .-= Grandad´s last blog ..Life and death in the fast lane =-.

    • Grandad – Grand Masters? Hey, I like that. And so true too. Now that I think about it, it’s amazing they lasted as long as they did.

      And as far as the linked exception having an exceptionally talented Old Man you’re probably right in more ways than you realize. Must carry on the old family tradition you know. I mean, we were 30 once ourselves? (I think?).

  2. I think a lot of trends that youths follow, especially in terms of tech stuff, rely on special tools, applications, and features, such that some new networking capability on blogs could re-ignite youthful interest. In the end though, I suspect only the people who are truly interested in writing and starting conversations will remain, no matter how old they are.

    Also, I like your index monkeys.

    • Welcome aiche – I was talking to my wife about this trend while I was writing the above, somewhat compact post, about the same thing. In short, the consensus was “They’ll be back”. And I have to agree with you that blogging will always remain the realm of those who wish to write something a bit longer than 140/280 characters in length.

      Glad you like the monkeys.

  3. Unfortunately, once the younger generations give up blogging, it will be consigned to the junkheap of history, just like dozens of other things that have appealed to us old farts since the beginning of time. Look at what happened to the 5-cent cigar, Howard Johnson’s clam rolls, and “Murder, She Wrote.” (Not to mention your out-of-date Comment Luv.)
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog ..Earworm Saturday #1 =-.

    • Larry – It sounds like you might have been pondering the idea that you have more years behind you than you have in front of you just a bit too much. Trust me, that kind of thinking is never beneficial to your health. I mean, look at the shape I’m in.

      And you just had to mention Howard Johnson’s clam rolls now didn’t you? I can deal with the loss of 5 cent cigars and Murder She Wrote but you had to mention the loss of Howard Johnson’s clam rolls. Where’s a wailing wall when I need one.

      But did you use my out-of-date Comment Luv? (really stupid name though)

      Anyway, I think there’s a greater chance that us “old farts” will be tossed out on the junk heap before blogging is. Or perhaps the idea that there will remain people in this world after we’re gone who actually wish to express themselves is wishful thinking on my part? We’ll just have to live longer, that’s all.

  4. You linked me!! Thank you my lovely, but I’m officially in the 30’s group now. In fact since I hit thirty, my brain activity has diminished so much that I’ve totally forgotten what CSS’s are. I’m going to ask the vet if he’ll give me some of those vitamins he gave the cat, just so I can redesign me site again.

    Here’s to being over 30 and not having a life!! Yay! *clink*
    .-= K8´s last blog ..El Duderino =-.

    • K8 – Of course I linked you. You seemed like the perfect example even though you had already hit 30. Besides, any old excuse to link to a friend and all that. And my guess is that you hit 30 so hard that you knocked it over and killed it.

      So what exactly do you define as life? (Here’s to cat drugs! Yay! *clink* back at ya’)

  5. ** “You see, somewhere back in my distant blogging past I remember a plethora of complaints opinions from the older blogging crowd about the quality of the content written by the (much) younger crowd. Like the entire lack of it.” **

    Bingo!! Welcome to the dumbing down of society, Kirk. You see, kids today get “bored” to easily. Writing requires one to THINK and compose one’s thoughts in an orderly manner. Kids today are glued on video games, mind-numbing Idiot Box (er TV) entertainment, processed foods, and just lethargy.

    Growing up in Ottawa (Canada) and Barbados (in the Caribbean) in the late 70s and 80s meant going outside to play (basketball, road tennis, marbles, making kites to fly over the ocean, etc.) and socialize with friends. Heck, we invented playing tag at Bayshore Shopping Centre (in Ottawa) and were always kicked out “for good” by security staff for disturbing shoppers. lol. These playful activities gives you creativity as well as the ability to think outside the box. I don’t know…times have definitely changed. Kids just don’t wanna think any more. They wanna “get stooopid.” Hey I have a 21 year old little bro. And worthwhile blogging requires some thinking up stairs. Besides, adults have EXPERIENCED a longer life, and blogging is all about one’s experiences.

    Can you imagine reading a kiddy blog with stuff like this? “Tyler is sooooo kool. His Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sneakers rock. At school today, I saw Katie eyeing his shoes. Seems like she has a crush on him…” lol.

    Just my 2 cents. Good topic.

    – Max (aka Max “The IT pro”)
    .-= Max´s last blog ..My Visit to the United Nations Complex in Nairobi =-.

  6. Hey Max (Have a seat. Put your feet up),

    Sounds like the kind of things I and my friends used to get into way (way) back when. Not that we didn’t get stupid once in awhile but at least we planned it out even if we did know it was stupid.

    I think the worst part of the “dumbing down of society” is watching it slowly degrade over the decades I’ve been alive. It seems that these “kids” today need to learn how to play or at least need somebody to show them how. And I don’t mean video games.

    Hey, that sounds like future post material. The children who don’t know how to play.