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  1. Long post today Kirk. I don’t want to write a comment as long as the post, so let me just say that you’re absolutely right about your statement that if folks actually knew what a socialist or communist is, they would never call the President that. I lived in the center of Europe for many years before moving to the US. I was in Germany when the wall came down. I talked to people who suffered under socialist governments. What’s happening here doesn’t even deserve to be talked about in the same sentence. This is not socialism. Period.
    .-= Denise Hamlin´s last ramble ..Weekly Real Estate Market Update North Liberty March 29, 2010 =-.

    • Denise – Nice to have confirmation from someone who has actually been there. The basic problem with Americans (of which I am one of course) is that we’ve had it rather good for a long time now. So much so that we’ve lost touch with the rest of the world despite having the WWW at our disposal. And we’re hardly as informed as we’d like to think. There’s a lot of us who resist change to the point of being ludicrous about it as well as I’m sure you’ve noticed. And yes, there are those who simply despise the thought of having a black man as president. A very sad state of affairs indeed. I just hope saner minds prevail during this time of transition.

      Yup! I got wordy on this last post. And a lot of others as well. It’s pretty disjointed too if you ask me. A bad habit of mine to be sure. 😀

  2. Kirk,I haven’t checked in for quite awhile,you have been busy.Happy B’day, too. I like and agree with your writing,hell, could have been a lot longer as far as I’m concerned.Do hope your recovery is swift.Now I started out w/your next post,but won’t remark on this one.I’m going to try and get caught up w/your previous stories(but I’m slow)Last time I was here was when you first found out you were losing your home(so sorry)perhaps your friend as well?Maybe I’ll find out in the stories.Thinking good thoughts for ya’ll, Sandi (sharing on FB,when did you put that in?)Like it!Are you on FB? On there I’m Sandra