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I’ve forgotten how to do Windows! — 7 Comments

  1. Kirk, I definitely feel your pain. I’m using Windows 7 and am not really sure why there are so many folks in the commercials prepared to admit it was their idea….. I wish I could have bought a Mac this time round, but I need Windows for real estate related programs that only run on Windows.

    I use Firefox the majority of the time, but am forced to use IE to get into the Iowa City MLS. Plus I have to check periodically to see that my WordPress website is running okay there. (Which it isn’t BTW, I don’t have a header graphic on IE, because the guy who helps me wasn’t able to figure that out).

    Quite clearly you have a superior solution in Linux mint. Don’t ask me why 80% of the people on the Web use Windows and IE. Beats me. Of course some of them are probably like me. Forced into using something simply because software developers decided Windows is the operating system of choice.

    As you can tell, this is a subject that winds me up big time too!

    • Denise – To be truthful about it, Windows 7 is probably Microsoft’s best OS to date. Compared to past MS offerings it’s lean, fast and can run on older single core systems that have at least 1GB of memory. The problem with still having to check a website with IE is that “way back when” (middle 90’s or so) IE became the standard for writing websites after MS knocked the Netscape browser off the map. Unfortunately, in these days of strict W3C standards, we’re still suffering from companies who still code their websites for that infamous IE6 which only adhered to ancient MS web standards (MSHTML).

      But I have to agree, for most folks, Linux Mint (along with a couple other “all bells and whistles” included Linux based OSs) would be a much more viable, affordable (free as in free beer) and (currently) safer OS to use.

  2. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch!!! Welcome to the real world.
    Wow, I had not seen your actual site in ages. I like the header font. This is what all blogs should look like. Clean, white space, large text. Nice! When are you changing it?

    • Sixty – Heh, considering that the theme I’m using (2010 Weaver) includes about 9 different “child” themes based on the new WordPress “Default” theme (Twenty Ten) that I can customize with a whole slew of theme options, You never know what it might look like. Of course, I’m a lazy bum with absolutely no sense of taste when it comes to customizing my own site so I’ll probably just leave it as is.

      Or maybe not… 😀

  3. And this friend appreciates all your help, it has truly been frustrating! I swear this is my last PC….mac next one around. Hmm looking at your sidebar I see your archive is different than mine. I like this one better. still so much to learn with the new theme.

  4. Meh! Since starting to use Windows 7, I have only run IE once, and that was because I accidentally clicked the wrong icon.

    You may be pleased to hear that I am, for the moment using Linux Mint, as recommended?

    • Grandad – “I have only run IE once, and that was because I accidentally clicked the wrong icon.”

      I hope the experience wasn’t too painful for you.

      And you decided to live dangerously and installed Linux Mint? I applaud you, sir. Give it plenty of time though as you need to be able to screw your head around to a new and mostly better way of doing things although it’s probably not as difficult as switching from Windows to a Mac. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee it isn’t.