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A bit of artic in the bedroom — 2 Comments

  1. Sounds like you’re having more fun than us in Iowa Kirk! We’re all set for the next storm too. I’m hoping they’re exaggerating and we don’t get as much snow as predicted. We’ve been lucky up to now and even though the temps have been frigid, snow has been on the low side.

    As you can tell, I’m the eternal optimist. Plus, it’s not like “they” get it right all the time anyway. Cushy job if you ask me. They get it right about half the time and still get paid… Where else does that happen??

    • Denise – And to top it all off monster of a snowstorm is headed are way. Can’t complain too much though as everything south of our location (and I mean less than 50 below us and further down) is going to get slammed harder than we are near the border of Canada. We’ve got this lovely ring of mountains protecting our are on all but the east side. Besides that, these storms tend to start veering east before the center of it reaches this far north. Still looking forward to a foot or so.

      My aren’t I talkative though?