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Long Meadow Farms Quilts | From shop to new store front — 9 Comments

  1. How did I miss this Kirk? Apparently I haven’t been checking my RSS reader lately. Could be I’m too busy working on my own new business situation! Whatever the reason. Congrats to you and Laurie on this great new beginning.

    Everything sold in your new establishment is made in Vermont. That’s awesome. Very trendy. I know there’s a BIG demand for that at the moment, I see it here in Iowa too.

  2. Denise – Many thanks! I didn’t know it was trendy though. Perhaps we moved to the plaza just in time for the new trend then?

    So what’s the new business situation? Inquiring minds want to know. And check those RSS feeds once in awhile, you think I write this stuff so I can read it myself? I’m too much of a critic and one thing I can’t stand is a critic–even if it’s me. (?!?)

  3. Kirk ~ Oh, home made crafts are trendy. Take my word for it. Home owners and home buyers are an excellent source of information for what’s “in.”

    As far as my new business situation is concerned, I just wrote about that on my site. I’ve been a busy little beaver. Got my broker’s license, started my own company and am all set for 2012 now!

    Best of all winter is being kind to us up to now in Iowa, which has improved my demeanor no end this year and made me tons more active than usual! You’re having decent weather in Vermont too, right? Did you mow the lawn Christmas Day? It was nearly 50 degrees here so I could have, but I didn’t. 🙂

  4. The pictures of the new store look great and the feel when we are in the store is so inviting and a breath of fresh air that it is not a cluttered store where you don’t have room to breathe. Some places like next door are so full of things that you have little space to move around.

    • Hi Colleen – Heavens to Betsy (whoever she was), you found me! Must have been that post on Facebook. Anyway, welcome to my old blog, coffee’s on so pull up a chair and make yourself t’home as they say.

  5. Good blog Kirk. Just happened to come across it. The shop looks great! Hope it was a good Christmas season for you all. Keep up the good work.

    • Paulan – Oh, now I know I’m in trouble. 😉 Glad you found me though. It’s going to be an interesting winter to say the least but it’s an adventure, right? And with any luck at all it will be a grand adventure.

  6. This is the best store in the area now. I love to come visit there is something new all the time. My grandson loved sitting in your chairs too Kirk. He likes his new walking stick and will use it a lot this summer I am sure. We had a great time in the store.