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Wanting things to just work — 4 Comments

  1. There has been a slight change of policy here too. I used to use the latest WordPress test releases on one of my sites, but since then that site has become more popular with the public. Now I test only the Beta releases on it, as I do care now if it fails.

    I still run the Nightly releases of Thunderbird though and have gone one better with Firefox – I use their experimental releases [the UX update channel] which is fun. Nothing like living dangerously?!!

    • Grandad – Ah, the price of popularity. But it’s less hassle all around which is a good, all things are considered? Personally, I won’t even do betas anymore, strictly RCs from now on. Such a wimp I’ve become.

      The UX channel? Haven’t tried that one yet. Sounds like fun.

  2. I think you might enjoy receiving the infrequent missives from Low-Tech Magazine. Always a pleasant surprise. Always fascinating and well-researched.

    • J. Racko – I took a look at the Low-Tech Magazine and it really appeals to me, thanks for the recommendation. In fact, the magazine and I have something in common it seems–infrequent missives. 😉