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Trimming the site a bit — 7 Comments

  1. Just wanted to test out the new “copy/paste” anti-spam function up above to make sure it works. One must be able to post comments you know.

    Update: Ah, works just fine.

  2. Looks good! I recently did a bit of an image overhaul on our site too.

    But I hafta admit that I do almost all of my blog reading via Feedly (since those rat bastards at Google shuttered Reader) so I don’t often see the source blog pages, but rather just the content.

    • S’okay and thanks! I have to admit that I use the Firefox “Digest” feeds extension (feed data stored locally) to read most of the blogs and sites I visit on a regular basis. I tried Feedly but since I keep myself to home these days, I don’t need an online feed site that I can access from anywhere. Local is just fine.

      I just peeked into your site– nicely done! Feed reading is all fine and dandy (or is it handy?) but stopping by and leaving a good old fashioned comment is a nice touch as well. Makes me wonder if old style blogging has any future left in it?

        • Ugh, 140 characters. The bane of intelligent online writing everywhere. Please note I said “intelligent” as there’s plenty of non-intelligent writing as well (as anything related to politics for example).

  3. Lookin’ good and weavin’ along nicely… 😉

    You could possibly get some extra milage by compressing the images a bit more?

    Just Sayin’

    • Grandad – Ha! I used to compress images all the time before using them on the site back when I was running Windows 7 full time. Had a lovely little image program called “PhotoFiltre” that did the job nicely. But now that I’m using a Linux distro full time I can’t find a single image program for Linux where image compression when saving (quality = 0 to 100% or compression = 1-9) actually works. In Windows it was open the image in PhotoFiltre, set image quality to 70% for example, save and it was done. At least 1/3 reduction or more in image size (79kb to 40kb say). Can’t find anything like that for Linux.

      Or perhaps I’m getting stupid in my old age? Yup, very possible indeed.