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Could we have a Internet troll vaccine? — 6 Comments

    • Heh, thanks Rick. My first troll arrives.

      You do that very well by the way. I probably should give it right back to you but I’m too tired to troll. Now that I think of it, trolling meant a whole different thing back when we were on the boat?

  1. Indeed it did mean something different. It was a time that I now recall with fondness, even though I regarded it with disdain back then. If I had the chance to make another Med run or Ice Ex today, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • Heh, but are you still capable of trolling? That’s the real question now isn’t it? I know I’m not and even if I was…

      …who would have me?

  2. I thought Trolls were something that lurked under bridges waiting for billygoats to pass?

    Or have you been watching The Hobbit again?

    • Unfortunately, billy goats crossing bridges are pretty scarce these days–especially ones named Gruff. Because of this these trolls (or perhaps their descendants?) have moved out from under the bridges and are now lurking with their computers in basements of abandoned houses and buildings and even lurking in old missile silos just waiting on-line to jump up and barf something mindless, arrogant and insulting all over the innocent and not so innocent commentator.

      They’re even stealing the needed electricity from the neighbors. Trolls are getting much too clever if you ask me.