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Messing Around — 2 Comments

  1. Sheer coincidence – yesterday I wiped my Linux partition and installed Mint 18.1. Took about an hour all told from formatting through to having all my programmes up and running but without all the accumulated crud.

    Was yesterday International Computer Spring Clean Day?

    • I was tempted as well or at least tempted to wipe the Mint 18 side of my desktops’ HDD, etc and so on, but I decided to wait for the “official” upgrade path to come along (I know–I wimped out). However, I did wipe the laptop SSD and installed 18.1 beta a bit ago so I’ve saved face a bit there.

      Oh, and I had to reinstall that damn criticizing SEO plugin after all since it also incorporated my XML sitemaps as well. I’ll just have to ignore all the complaining and carry on?