Lazin' around the lake. So what about me? I’m an ex-Cold War submariner in my fifties (gack!) who spent most of his life in computers, peripherals, R&D and anything else technical that they could throw at me. The rest of the time was spent writing, working my own small, mobile sound production studio and riding around on a Harley Davidson.

Then one day that life ended when family duty called (assisting my sister in the care of my aging parents) and I ended up moving Vermont and eventually to minimum wage jobs, working in less than wonderful conditions, in order to be close to home and  the ailing folks. In short, I came out a bit worse for wear when it was all over. I joined the VA shortly thereafter and found out exactly how worse for wear I actually was.

Note: In 2003 I met the women of my dreams and we’ve been together ever since. She helped me get my life back…or get back to life…either one.

Currently, I’m living with 3 service-related disabilities, one which has made me legally deaf, which have taken advantage of my getting older to start causing trouble–the rotten buggers. These aforementioned disabilities plus a couple of major surgeries eventually took me out of the work force completely in late 2007 after working full time and better for 30+ years.

I’m still getting used to that part.

No regrets though. I’ve had a full and eventful life and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride so far (and hopefully learned from my mistakes along the way).

So where did Just Thinkin’ come from?

Once upon a time there was a blog that went by the name of “Conversation Lost” that was born and raised at a place called Blogger–the old original Blogger that is. This blog was named after a short rather satirical story, one of 15 or so that remain unsung and unpublished, that I wrote years ago about how two people just don’t seem to have the ability these days to hold an intelligent conversation for more than say, 24.437 seconds without their brains seizing up and their mouths along with it.

This, of course, resulted in a lot of long embarrassed silences where each of them blindly searched about their tongue tied brains for anything to say at all until the something brilliant like “Okay…well…see ya’ later” comes draining out. The two then part company knowing that any future conversations that might possibly occur between them should they ever meet again are highly unlikely. And so was born “Conversation Lost”.

I figured that I not only could hold an intelligent conversation for a greater period of time than stated above but I could bloody well hold it with the entire world while I was at it. Tall order you say? Well, you could be right. However, my safety valve was the fact that I knew that I would only have to hold up my end of said conversation only with the ones who:

  1. Found the blog in the first place.
  2. Bothered to really read anything and…
  3. Actually left a comment behind.

So as it stood, I felt reasonably safe in assuming that I wouldn’t have to hold up my end of that conversation while the majority of the entire Blogosphere beat down my door. I was of course, correct in my assumption. Nonetheless, I stand by my original statement.

The blog went from Blogger to with only a few minor lacerations, a couple months of lost posts and had it’s name changed to “Just Thinkin” because someone else had the complete audacity to come up with a blog called “Conversation Lost” before I got there. The nerve of some people.

Anyway… The time at showed me what was really available out there for a new blogger who intended to stick with it (ie: stubborn and thick headed) and through a few theme changes, a bunch of questions, a boat load of posts and achieving a decent rank/rating which was improving as the days went by, I was ready for the big move to “doing it myself”…so I did. I wasn’t too sure where the blog would end up but now it was all mine and that’s what counted.

So what is the purpose of this blog? Good question—thanks for asking. When I first started out this blog was a learning tool for the future. My classroom for learning as much as I could about the ins and outs of a WordPress. It didn’t however, mean I was out to be an expert in PHP or HTML or CSS but I did wish to be able to hack my theme templates and whatever else that needed modifying and be comfortable doing so. I wanted to spend my time writing up posts, not worrying about upgrading or wasting time trying to figure out why this or that didn’t work. Seems to have worked.

As far as where I personally wanted this blog to go (what category, style, niche, whatever) I didn’t have a clue….and I still don’t to this day.

Just Thinkin’ has wandered about from one topic to the the other like some lost soul in the deep woods for the past 8 years since it’s inception and has never managed to settle on one thing or another since then and probably never will. Lately though, the writing has been all but nonexistent. Still, I’ll not take it down since it’s too much like an old friend to “not be there” so to speak. And who knows? I may yet write again.

So here it is in all it’s glory (or lack thereof). Enjoy it as you will and…

Welcome to Just Thinkin’!

Have a great day.

NOTE: Comments have been closed on this page–blame the spammers.

This blog is best viewed using any browser you wish to use except for Internet Explorer 6 (7? 8? 9? 10? 57?). I absolutely refuse to cater to that nasty, old, unsecure browser. If you’re still using an old version of IE then I heartily recommend you upgrade to the latest version or better yet, Firefox or Google Chrome.
As far as mobile devices go (smart phones, tablets, etc) I have no idea. If and when I ever get one of these devices for myself I’ll let you know.


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  2. Hi Kirk, loved reading ‘about’ your blog journey. It seems you can carry on a conversation for longer than 24 seconds, even if it is with yourself:

    “So what is the purpose of this blog? Good question—thanks for asking.”

    Just kidding, I share your love of blogging, sending stuff out there and see if anyone cares to comment, or not…

    I will be checking back to see what you are ‘just thinkin’ about.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I will be looking forward to your visits and amazingly enough, the journey continues and I’m still having a heck of a lot of fun.

    I’m still not sure of what the purpose is or where it’s leading to but what the heck…it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. If this blog was a Harley I’d never run out outta gas. 🙂

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  6. This was entertaining. It made me think as to what, where and why I started blogging myself.
    I noticed you went to school in Upstate NY. Where? I lived in Jamestown, NY for umpteen years myself. Just wondering.
    Now, I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Babz! Welcome and all that!

    Glad you enjoyed the blurb.

    No where did I go to school? Actually, I went to Google maps and it seems we lived within150 miles of each other all in the same area. If I connected the two towns where my folks lived and then included Jamestown as a third point we basically made 2 sides of a triangle.

    I spent kindergarten through the 2nd grade living in a place called Campbell, NY (right near Bath). Then we moved to another out of the way place called North Ridge, NY (near Lockport, miles and miles of flat land and truck farming) where I went to 3rd, 4th and 5th grades so we both basically had Lake Ontario and Lake Erie as next door neighbors or at least the lake effect snow made you think so. Funny how I seem to remember those years clearer than I remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

    Oh…oh yeah. I’m a man. I forgot. 😛

  8. Found your WONDERFUL site through Springboard Press and just love it. Seeing as how we boomer women all need to stick together, we invite you to peruse and giggle at our blog:

    We’ve been at it since last summer and have been featured in MORE Magazine’s Jan/Feb issue as ‘Women of the Blogoshpere.’ We’re having more fun than should be allowed and are now working on a pilot sitcom based on our nutty videos!

    Here’s a tease video (from our Netflix video reviews) for your enjoyment:

    The rest may be accessed on the right side of our blog pages (in blue print). Pass the word, as that’s how this crazy thing works, right?

    KK and SalGal

  9. @Kelly and Sally Jack:

    Glad you added that 2nd comment otherwise I would have had to go and check to make sure someone hadn’t swapped out my blood pressure med for hormone supplements while my back was turned.

    Too bad you really didn’t find my blog on Springboard Press because that would have meant that I had already written a book and now I wouldn’t have to deal with the actual writing of it.

    Oh well…

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  12. Dude – I’m an X bubbleheaded type who has been a computer geek ever since too. I’m headed up to Maine next month to see where my last boat was namesaked… Augusta. Stop by my blogger blog sometime at USS Augusta on Blogger and dump off something about your old boats. I was first qualified on the Stony J in 1982 and then I was a Plankowner on the 10 boat. Regards… Mahalo Aloha – Mal

  13. Hey Mal, (welcome to this old bubblehead’s blog)

    Well whaddayah know. I never expected to have a Cold War bubblehead show up around here. Glad you did!

    I was a bit earlier than you but not by much. My boat was the USS Silversides, SSN 679 out of Norfolk, VA. At the time we were one of the only two “stretch hull” 637 class boats the navy had built and were considered the quietest boat on either coast (because we and past crew members had made it that way). Course we paid for it by spending around 300 days a year poking holes in the ocean doing all the dirty, nasty and ugly that needed doing during the Cold War. Had a hell of a time too!

    I’ll stop by your place tomorrow, disabilities are acting up (yeah, the ##$$**!! things are service related). That’s what kept me from replying to your comment right off.

    See you there.

  14. Hard to tell from the picture, but I think maybe I know you from the Silversides (grenada) or Saratoga in the 80′ s.

  15. Hey Ron,

    Your name sounds awfully familiar. I was on board from early 1979 to late 1983 (extended for a Med run and a surprise NTPI upon returning to home port as senior weapons petty officer–passed with flying colors as usual). Upon visiting the Silversides a few later when she pulled into New London while I was there for shore duty I found that my…*ahem*…reputation had never left the boat. I just knew I left something behind.

    The more I think of it the more I have a feeling we do know each other.

    • Rick – Welcome to my small end of the innerweb. Haul up a chair, coffee’s on. Glad to have you. I do have to warn you though–reading too much too many of my posts can be dangerous to your mental health.

  16. I loved the article you wrote about SPP. I have one suggestion, however. Please look up the difference between it’s and its. Many people get this wrong, and it’s a particular propensity of yours.

    • Hi Glynis and welcome,

      Thank you very much for the tip. Funny how something like that can just slip by you even after several years of writing. And I’m so picky about grammatical mistakes like that. Especially things like there vs they’re vs their for example. Then again, the English language is full of foibles like that. Where using ‘s normally indicates a possessive (Kirk’s, Laurie’s, etc) and just adding an s to the end of certain types of words indicates more than one, it obviously does not in other cases. 😕

      Heh, of course I never professed to be an expert in my own language. I never got above a B in English in high school and I had to slave for that. 😀

      Edit: By the way, I went through the SPP article and corrected the mistakes–I think. Its It’s very confusing you know.